Everyday Activities You Can
Do From Your Bed

As we now are spending much of our time indoors, it’s safe to say that many of us have been spending much more time in bed — a lot more time. While some say that our beds should be kept only for the purpose of sleeping, at Lull we disagree. We see the amazing versatility mattresses have and all of the potential they hold. If you have yet to tap into the true potential of your bed, now is the perfect time to begin.

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy your time indoors from the blissful comfort of your bed:

Work from home on your mattress

As working from home becomes the new norm, now you can do what you always dreamt of: work from your bed! What’s better than working from the most comfortable spot in the house? Wrap yourself up in pure coziness while answering emails, attending meetings, and putting in those hours.


The key to proper meditation is to be completely comfortable and focused in your space. What’s more comfortable than your bed? Get your zen on from bed and unleash the power of mediation.

Binge your favorite TV show

We’re all guilty of TV show binge watching, but why watch from your stiff couch when you could be watching from bed? Get the most out of your viewing experience by watching from the cozy comfort of a Lull mattress.


So this one might be obvious, but it’s never a bad idea to squeeze in a few mid-day naps here and there. Really take full advantage of all the time you’ll be spending indoors (and in bed) to catch up on some extra z’s.


Some say our most creative ideas come to us while lying in bed, so what a perfect place to create something! Whether it be drawing, painting, or making a collage, enjoy crafting some art while wrapped up in blissful comfort.

Eat breakfast or dinner in bed

While some may think eating breakfast or dinner in bed is only for special occasions, we like to think of it as an everyday thing. Truly there’s nothing better than enjoying your favorite meal from the best seat in the house.

With all of the different activities you’re able to do from bed, surely you won’t want to be planting yourself on any old mattress. If you’re spending all of your time in bed like we are, you’ll want to be sure that your mattress is not only as comfortable as it possibly can be, but that it’s properly catering to your needs and stands up to all of the time you’re spending sitting and lying on it.

With older mattresses, issues like overheating and valleying will occur — especially with so much more time spent on it — not to mention the risk of more back and neck pain. Bottom line is, if you’re going to be in bed more often, you owe yourself a premium mattress like a Lull mattress. In fact, Lull was even named the Best Mattress for Back Pain by US News & World Report. You really can’t beat that!

Lull is the perfect mattress for sleeping and every activity in between. Made with superior quality materials, the Lull mattress is definitely where you’ll want to be spending your days inside.

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Here’s how a Lull mattress will benefit you now and always:

Lull mattresses are made with 3 layers of premium foam that each serve their own purpose to provide ultimate comfort and support.

The first and largest layer begins with the core base that provides support to your body. Next is the middle transition layer that provides the necessary bounce for comfort and avoiding that “stuck” feeling, and lastly, the gel-infused top memory foam layer that perfectly forms to your body, giving you the best possible comfort and cooling.

With a Lull mattress you are sure to wake up with no aches or pains. Lull is the Goldilocks of mattresses as it’s not too firm or too soft, just the perfect amount of support and comfort: made for practically everybody.

Along with the three layers of comfort, Lull mattresses are also built with cooling technology. Lull’s gel-infused top layer allows for extensive airflow and draws heat away from your body and redistributes it throughout the rest of the material. Even with hours spent in bed you won’t be overheating caused by your mattress. Lull mattresses are guaranteed to never valley or sag, even after years of use. With a 10-year warranty, your Lull mattress is guaranteed to provide great sleep for years to come.

Lastly, unlike many traditional mattresses, Lull mattresses are made without cotton, wool, or silk, three materials that most commonly attract bed and dust mites. Your Lull mattress will be sure to give you peace of mind that when you go to sleep at night or when you stay in bed for work, you won’t be surrounded by little creatures that cause allergens and more.

With your Lull mattress, not only will you never want to leave your bed, you won’t have to! Your Lull allows lasting comfort and durability that allows for every kind of activity: work, meditation, binge-watching and more.

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