Is Your Mattress Causing Your Back Pain?


Waking up with back pain can be very frustrating and confusing as there are multiple causes of a backache. Poor posture, a physically intensive workload, and stress are just a few sources of a sore back. Even the simple act of sleeping can cause you pain if your mattress is the culprit.

How to Tell If Your Mattress Is to Blame

If your back is hurting when you first wake up but seems to get better with stretching or just the act of moving around throughout your day, the pain is most likely being caused by your mattress. Frequent tossing and turning during the night is also a key indicator that your mattress is making your back sore.

Older innerspring mattresses can loose their shape as they age, causing the springs to come loose and poke up into the top layer of the mattress, becoming lumps that can be causing you to seek out a more comfortable position away from the lumps while you sleep. This is one of the main reasons that mattress experts recommend replacing your mattress every 8 years, even if you’re not usually plagued by back pain.

How to Stop (and Prevent) Back Pain

A visit to a chiropractor for an adjustment can be very helpful in eliminating back pain, as it will not only readjust your spine to relieve your current aches and pains, but it will also encourage proper posture and body support while you’re sleeping. You should also seek your chiropractor’s advice on which sleep positions will help to prevent further back pain, as well as looking into purchasing a body pillow which will help keep your spine in alignment while you sleep.

Stretching throughout the day can help to keep you limber, which will help relieve and prevent back pain. Try adding a short stretching routine to your day during your breaks at work or at lunch time, as well as making sure to stretch before going to bed every night.

The number one way to stop back pain (and keep it at bay) is by investing in a new mattress that is right for your body type and will help you to get a good pain-free night’s rest.

How to Choose the Right Mattress

When shopping for your new mattress, you should look for one that is just right. It shouldn’t be too firm, but also shouldn’t be too soft.

A mattress that is too firm can push on various pressure points throughout your body and cause your spine to be thrown out of alignment, which will increase the likelihood of tossing, turning, and a return of your back pain.

If the mattress is too soft, it will allow your body to sink into the bed, causing poor sleep posture and even more pressure on your spine, which will lead to back pain.

Choosing the right mattress for your sleep needs can go a long way toward preventing back pain, allowing you to wake up pain-free and ready to take on your day.