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  2. 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Way to Better Sleep!

    Now that we’ve sprung forward into spring this National Sleep Awareness Month, what better way to celebrate than with some much-needed spring cleaning? This spring, we encourage you to get your home ready to for better sleep!  After all, that’s kinda what National Sleep Awareness Month is all about. To help you do that, we’ve prepared ten spring cleaning tips...

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  3. Five New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make for Better Sleep

    Even though only a year has passed since January 2021, the world is notably safer to roam about. For some of us, this might be the year our life takes a turn in the right direction, spurring some extra determination to set some 2022 resolutions in place. Right now, some of us are motivating ourselves to actually stick to those...

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  4. Dog and male child laying on twin sized bed in front of a christmas tree.

    Five Tips to Help You Get Better Sleep This Holiday Season

    The holidays are inching closer, bringing apprehension for some and excitement for others, or a complex swirl of both. The buildings are decorated with twinkly lights, and the sound of Jingle Bell Rock is inescapable at stores. Overall, there are plenty of colorful, musical sights to take in, and it’s easier if it’s all primed by a good night’s sleep. ...

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  5. Healthier Beds = Better Sleep: How to Wash Your Bedding the Right Way

    Sleep experts recommend that we get eight hours of sleep per night, and that means that we spend an entire third of our lives in bed. That equals almost sixty hours per week of sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils in our sheets. Yuck! And of course, we should be washing that crud away on a regular basis to help us...

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  6. How to Take Full Advantage of Better Sleep Month

    Grab your favorite pair of pajamas and a sleeping mask because right around the corner is May, otherwise known as Better Sleep Month! Like all things sleep-related, we couldn’t be more excited for an entire month dedicated to those precious Z’s. Better Sleep Month is supported by the Better Sleep Council to create awareness around the benefits of quality sleep,...

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