Black Friday: Get Up or Snooze?

Are you ready to score some deals this Black Friday? Or are you going to let your bank account take a nap this year and watch the action on Facebook, sipping eggnog on the couch at home? 

If you’ve got plans to snatch that 60% off TV that you can only get in the store ten miles away, then you’ll probably have to get up early and get in line. Even if your shopping list can be purchased online, you’ll still have to get your fingers on the checkout button as early as possible if the item’s expected to be in high demand. Unsurprisingly, people report being more tired than usual on Black Friday, especially 18-24 year olds.

If you’re competing for the goods in-person, you might have to deal with quite a bit of chaos. You might be waiting in long lines that might not be fruitful, searching through boxes of items for the right color and size, beating other shoppers in a chase, and stepping over mounds of knocked over merch. 

All the above is going to be way easier on your brain and fingers when you’re fully well-rested, of course. In our last blog post here, we described the importance of getting a good night’s sleep before heading out to the retail battlefield, so have a read on that as well as our tips on how to actually sleep well after Thanksgiving. So what happens when you finally do wake up on Black Friday, adrenaline and excitement from those 40% off ads giving you an extra boost of wakefulness? 

If you don’t expect to get a full night’s rest, see if you can shop online. While in-person shopping can be more stimulating, it also means getting in a car, public transit, and crossing streets. This can be unsafe if you’re still sleep-deprived, especially if you don’t have much excitement to keep your eyes open. So whatever store you’re planning on hitting, check its website to see if the sales are digital as well. If it’s an entire street you’re planning to hit, open Google Maps and write down a list of interesting shops on that street. Check out their websites for deals. If they don’t have a website, they might have an Instagram page. 

Going the digital route may mean you’ll have to wait a few days or a few weeks to enjoy your goods and brag to other people about how you got them 60% off, but it means not having to deal with other tenacious sleep-deprived shoppers, crowded parking lots, or overworked cashiers. You’ll be easing some stress off the environment, off retail staff, and other shoppers.

Fortunately, many retailers with an e-commerce platform realize the chaos of opening the floodgates solely on Black Friday isn’t worth the toll on their employees and customers. That’s why many deals are starting a week before Black Friday itself, spreading out the event so it’s less likely the site will crash and the store will cave in on Friday.

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