Britney and Baby Sleep on a Cloud

In this video, Britney shares an embarrassing secret and how she’s now “sleeping on a cloud.”

Britney starts by admitting that she and her husband, Ian have been sleeping on an innerspring mattress that is at least 10 years old. In fact, it’s so old, she can’t even remember how or when they got it in the first place!

After having her two adorable kids, Nolan and Aria, her back has been acting up and she and Ian have been trying to save up for a new mattress to help relieve her pain.

Luckily, she stumbled upon the new trend of buying mattresses online, which makes getting a premium mattress much cheaper than they were expecting, and she and Ian have a new queen sized mattress from Lull that was delivered to their door and is now ready to use.

Ian brings their new mattress up to the bedroom in a box the size of a mini-fridge and gets it opened up while Britney goes over the instructional sheet that came with the mattress.

Britney admits that she’s sick of their innerspring mattress and is excited to see what Lull has to offer as she and Ian place their new mattress on the bed frame and get ready to unroll it.

Nolan and Aria are more than happy to help as Mommy and Daddy unwrap the Lull mattress and watch it expand before their very eyes.

Aria jumps right up and breaks in the mattress by rolling around and telling her parents how comfortable it is. So cute!

Thanks to Britney and family for sharing their Lull experience with us!