Elliott Morgan Unboxes His Lull

Elliott Morgan is a funny guy that shares his life in California with the followers of his YouTube channel.

This video is all about Elliott opening and setting up his new Lull mattress, which he just had delivered to his door, and he mentions that he loves the fact that it shipped to him for free.

Elliott unboxes his Lull while joking that he might blackout since he hasn’t worked out in a little bit, but he gets his new Queen mattress out of the box on his own just fine and begins the setup process, while also mentioning that he’s provided his viewers with a coupon code to get $50 off their own Lull mattress.

While removing the wrapping and outer plastic from his Lull, he jokes that he probably shouldn’t be using a kitchen knife, but that’s all he has. He also mentions how much he’s looking forward to sleeping on his new mattress since it offers support and cooling comfort through its three-layer gel foam design. He gets really hot at night, so excited for a cool night’s sleep for a change.

Elliott has fun setting up his Lull, especially enjoying the way that it expands on its own once it’s unwrapped, and does a swan dive onto his new bed to test it out before heading into the kitchen for a cup of coffee in his Mickey Mouse mug.

While waiting for his coffee to brew, Elliott talks about how much fun moving is not, and how the worst part is having to make runs to the store to grab things that you’ve forgotten or didn’t know you would need in your new place.

He loves the fact that not only does Lull offer a free 100-night trial, but that he’s now getting the best sleep of his life. No more having to crawl out of bed in the morning due to a sore back. Now he’s sleeping like a baby and admits that he actually spent 22 hours in bed after his big move.

Thanks for the video and the laughs, Elliott!