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  2. Self Improvement Month: 7 Methods of Self Improvement

    September is coming right up and so is pumpkin-spiced everything! Aside from all this deliciousness, September is also self-improvement month! That means it’s a great opportunity to look into some ways you can make your life a little better. Depending on your unique lifestyle, interests, and personal weaknesses, methods of self-improvement are going to look different for everyone. Regardless of...

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  3. 8 Ways to Beat the Heat

    Temperatures have been soaring lately in California where we’re at, and it hasn’t been easy! While most of us love the sun, too much of it can drain our energy and productivity. It’s tempting to stay inside and overwork your A/C.  Even if the days continue to be sweltering, that doesn’t mean we have to be sitting around sweating. There...

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  4. 6 of the Best Ways to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

    Have you been in the mood to have another holiday? Look no further -- August 15 is National Relaxation Day! Take this Saturday to unwind and prioritze your personal well-being. If you can, take this time to set aside anything that’s stressing you out. If you’ve read our last blog post, you’ll see that consistently getting great sleep leads to...

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  5. 6 Benefits of Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

    If you’ve been reading our blog posts, you might have noticed that we’ve emphasized how beneficial getting a good night’s sleep is. A good night’s sleep is essential to healthy living, a fun staycation, and productivity.  But why is sleep so vital to so many aspects of our waking life? It turns out that being well-rested impacts the outcome of...

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  6. How to Make the Most of Your Summer Staycation

    Now may not be an ideal time to travel to Bora Bora, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an excursion from your daily life. Why not try a staycation closer to home? You probably don’t have to see the inside of a plane to feel like you’ve traveled far. Many of us live within a few hours drive of...

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