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  2. 7 of the Most Common Dreams (and What They Mean)

    According to sleep experts, the majority of us will have somewhere around 100,000 dreams in our lifetimes – but how many of them actually stay with us when we’re not snoozing? For those of us that do remember our dream details, what happens in them can end up helping our waking lives, if we take the time to ask questions...

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  3. 5 Easy Ways to Ditch the Tax Day Blues and Rest Easier

    If you’re anything like most American adults, you’ve been dreading tax day for awhile now, and for good reason! Nobody likes the thought of having to fork over their hard-earned money to Uncle Sam, after all. But April 18th can have a negative impact on more than just your bank account – all of the stress involved with filing your...

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  4. Sleeping Pills: When to Take Them and When to Leave Them

    If you’re one of the millions of people that have trouble falling asleep, no matter what you’ve tried to catch some Zs, chances are that you’ve turned to sleeping pills (or at least considered them), in order to get the sack time that you need to stay productive and healthy. But what are some of the effects of using medication...

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  5. Always Thirsty at Bedtime? New Research Explains Why

    For many of us, the last thing we do before turning in for the night is often grabbing a glass of milk or a warm cup of herbal tea. And if you’ve ever been responsible for getting kids to sleep, you’re most likely all too familiar with the repeated request for “one last” sip of water. Until now, we’ve all...

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  6. How to Start Hacking Your Sleep and Master Your Energy Levels

    A good night's rest is the great re-boot for your body and brain. It restores, resets, and regenerates. Yet, as we've noted before, most people are not getting enough sleep and what slumber we do get is of lower quality than it could be. How much shut-eye you actually need fluctuates from person to person, but on average most adults function...

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