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  2. Getting Better Sleep in the New Year (and Beyond!)

    It’s the time of year again when we make promises to ourselves that we’ll finally lose those last ten pounds, spend more time with friends and family, or better our lives in a multitude of ways. And while New Year’s resolutions are a great way to make sure that we improve many areas of our lives, we tend to leave...

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  3. 5 Reasons You Should Go to Bed Early on New Year’s Eve

    New Year’s Eve has long been known as a day for staying up late and partying the night away. But these 5 very good (and very funny) reasons for skipping the festivities for some solid sack time might just get you to trade in your fancy duds for PJs, and your night on the town for your own bed. 1....

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  4. The Real Cost of Better Sleep

    If you’re anything like the rest of us, there’s been a time in your life when you’ve questioned (or cursed) the high cost of a quality mattress. You might have even wondered how mattress companies can charge so much money for what seems to amount to nothing more than a piece of foam. Trust us, we get it! And that’s...

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  5. 15 Holiday Gifts for the Sleep Lovers in Your Life

    Ah, sleep! Who doesn’t love cuddling up in bed and catching a few winks, especially during the hectic and chilly holiday season? Just about everyone (even those chipper morning people) can appreciate a blissful night spent in their bedroom sanctuary. So why not give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year with this list of...

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  6. 9 Tips for Helping Your Kids Get to Sleep on Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting nights of the year you and your children. A lot of wishing, letter writing, and hard work has gone into making the holiday a memorable one. But you might find that getting the kiddos into bed so you can help Santa take care of business to be a bit challenging, to say...

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