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  2. Do You Know These Strange Sleep Terms (and What They Mean)?

    In honor of National Dictionary Day, we thought it would be fun to test your sleep vocabulary. Check out these 15 not-so-common sleep terms and see if you can guess their definitions – then scroll to the end to see how well you scored on this vocab pop quiz. 1. Sleep Efficiency a) Planning your day with a focus on...

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  3. Looking for Better Sleep? Try Stepping Up to the Yoga Mat

    Whether you’re a yoga master or a complete novice when it comes to this tried-and-true method of relaxation, one thing is for sure – there’s at least one yoga post that we’ve all done. We’re talking about savasana (also known as the “corpse pose”), the well-deserved rest that comes at the end of yoga class. This classic pose involves lying...

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  4. Can Losing Out on Sleep Lead to False Memories?

    Recent research has indicated that skipping sleep in favor of getting more done can lead you to form false memories. It all comes down to how the mind focuses on details. And while it may not seem like false memories are a big deal in the long-run, they can have a pretty serious impact on some pretty important stuff, such...

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  5. Can You Train Yourself to Get by on Less Sleep?

    Are you a sleep lover or a sleep fighter? Many people see the time spent in bed (a full third of our lives) as a waste of perfectly good hours that could be spent on something more productive, and they do whatever they can to fight off sleep. When you have a full plate and more to do than there...

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  6. Get Better Sleep by Adding These 7 Plants to Your Bedroom

    There’s nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning your way through the night instead of getting the restful sleep that you need and deserve. Believe it or not, the solution might be as simple as adding some houseplants to your bedroom. Not only will you enjoy the beauty and vitality that a well-placed plant can bring to your home, you’ll...

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