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  2. The Forgotten Holiday That’s Costing You Sleep!

    Now that the holidays are out of the way, it’s time to catch up on lost sleep! And what better way to catch up on those missing z’s than by celebrating the little known Festival of Sleep Day? Festival of Sleep Day is on January 3rd, and though nobody is quite sure where and when it began, it’s clearly a...

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  3. Five Great Reasons to Make Sleeping Better Your New Year’s Resolution!

    Last year we treated our regular blog readers at to tips on how to get better sleep in the New Year, and it proved so popular, we've decided we should open up the benefits of a Lull mattress to everybody. Why? Funny you should ask. It’s because this year we're sharing our five best reasons why getting sleep in...

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  4. Your Life’s Purpose Might Be the Best Sleep Aid Out There

    An endless amount of money worldwide is spent by people desperately trying to improve their quality of sleep. Things like sleeping pills, luxury mattresses, and even specialty pillows are all tools known to help you doze off at night. But what if your foolproof, no-more-messing-around sleep miracle was right under your nose the entire time? Struggling to get to sleep...

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  5. The Best Drinks for Better Sleep

    It’s probably dawned on you by now that getting the ideal, extra restful and completely uninterrupted night’s sleep is pretty much all but impossible. That’s regardless of what you’ve got going on during your waking hours. Especially with the temptation of our phones and social media hanging over our shoulders, sometimes sleep doesn’t seem to be a top priority. Even...

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  6. Why Does Thanksgiving Dinner Make You Sleepy? (Hint: It’s Not What You Think!)

    Let’s face it – turkey has gotten a pretty bad rep when it comes to making people involuntarily sleepy. The whole “turkey makes you tired” myth has been circulated regularly, especially during the Thanksgiving season. Heck, the supposed sleep-inducing properties of turkey were even immortalized in a Seinfeld episode! But the thing is, science disagrees with the popular theory that...

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