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  2. How to Get Better Sleep by Simply Getting Up and Getting Out

    If you ask anyone what two factors play the biggest part in leading a healthy lifestyle, the majority would be likely to tell you about their rigorous exercise regimens and sleep schedules that are set in stone. But what you may not have known already is that the two are more related than you might think. Exercise and sleep coexist...

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  3. Is Getting Better Sleep as Simple as Making Your Bed?

    You’re in the majority if you can remember ever getting in trouble for forgetting (or simply not bothering) to make your bed as a kid. And it’s likely that no matter how many times your parents had to remind you, it seldom actually ended up getting done. Even now that you’re older, odds are that you probably aren’t making your...

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  4. Is Your Breakfast Making or Breaking Your Health?

    We’ve all got memories of our grandma reminding us that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” when we tried eating ice cream first thing in the morning or skipping the meal altogether. But now that you’re older, you’ve got breakfast under control, right? September, aside from being the beginning of the seasonal segue from summer to fall,...

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  5. Help Your Kids Get the Rest They Need to Succeed

    It’s safe to say that summer vacation is probably any student or teacher’s favorite part of any given year. There’s plenty of time for plans and even more of it for doing nothing at all, which is a favorite hobby for many of us. In short, you’re free to do with your days as you darn well please! And also...

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  6. Can Labor Day Make You Happier and Healthier?

    Ah, Labor Day. A much-needed break from our day-to-day routines and an excellent excuse to have one last celebration of summer. Who doesn’t love getting another chance to squeeze in some more fireworks, picnics at the beach, barbeques in the backyard or a final family vacation before we have to really buckle down for work and school in the rapidly...

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