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  2. Samika Vlogs Surprise Their Parents with a Lull Mattress

    [embed][/embed] Samika and his siblings were blessed with super supportive parents – they always put their kids before themselves in everything that they did – and he’s always looking for ways to give back to them. When Lull heard that Sam was thinking about updating the mattress that his parents have had for as long as he can remember with...

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  3. Single Parents Deserve Better Sleep & Lull Wants to Give it to Them!

    Parents are some of the most hardworking people in the world – especially those that do it solo. If you know a single parent that deserves a good night’s sleep and an awesome surprise, enter them in the Lull Mattress Single Parent Giveaway for a chance to win one of our premium gel memory foam mattresses – in any size...

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  4. 5 Reasons Being a Night Owl Might Be Toxic to Your Health

    If you’re one of the many people that find themselves staying up until the early morning each and every night, and not wanting to get out of bed when your alarm goes off in the morning, you’ve probably dubbed yourself a “night owl,” and just accepted it as part of who you are. Health and sleep experts are now saying...

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  5. Trouble Sleeping? Fatty Foods May Be the Cause of Your Insomnia

    We’ve all hit the “after lunch lull,” but what if it’s caused not by eating itself, but what you eat? According to recent studies by sleep researchers in both the United States and Australia, there appears to be a direct link between diets that are high in fat and a lack of quality sleep. Both studies observed two groups of...

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  6. Why Do Some People Need More Sleep?

    For most people, the need to sleep more than the average of eight hours per night usually indicates that the body is trying to fight off an infection, or even that there could be a chronic medical condition developing and a trip to the doctor is in order. But what about those of us that just seem to need more...

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