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  2. Does Sleeping with Your Pet Influence Sleep Quality?

    With three out of every five Americans sharing their home with at least one pet, one thing is for sure – we love our pets! It’s also been discovered that many U.S. pet owners also share their bed with Fluffy or Fido. In 2015, a Harris poll found that over 70% of pet owners allow their “fur children” to snuggle...

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  3. How Alcohol Really Affects Your Sleep

    For years, it’s been believed that a nightcap before bed will help send you drifting off to Dream Land. The reality of the situation isn’t quite so simple. While alcohol may help you to fall asleep faster at first, as it acts as a suppressant in the brain and induces drowsiness, drinking it before bed can have an adverse effect...

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  4. Drunk Driving vs. Drowsy Driving: Which is the Biggest Threat?

    Everyone knows how dangerous it is to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. We’ve all seen the public service announcements and news stories that give the sad and terrifying details on the dangers of drunk driving and how it can ruin countless lives. But what about drowsy driving? It can be just as dangerous as getting behind...

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  5. Worldwide Sleep Survey Uncovers 5 Compelling Facts About Sleeping

    Sleep: we all do it, but many of us don’t get nearly as much of it as we should. One recent sleep study has been able to point out some interesting facts about snoozing  and how important it is to our health. Published in Science Advances, this study made use of an app called ENTRAIN, and collected data from multiple...

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  6. Does “Sleepy Tea” Actually Help You Get to Sleep?

    You’ve seen the soothing and reassuring boxes of herbal tea on the shelves of your local grocery store that call to you when you’re having trouble sleeping – they say “Just drink this and you’ll drift off to Dream Land” with their cute little pajama-clad bears or alluringly steaming mugs of drowsiness. But do they really deliver on their promises?...

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