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  2. Why You Should Read Before Going to Bed

    Remember back when you were a child falling asleep to a parent’s bedtime story? That soon evolved into you reading yourself picture books, which then transitioned into chapter books. You were far from the only kid in your class in this calming boat -- you probably know that a story before bed is a pretty common ritual.  This isn’t just...

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  3. House porch decorated for the fall season with an Original Lull Mattress Box in the center.

    Effects of Fall Weather on Sleep

    Transitioning from summer to fall is rife with pumpkin-spiced everything, the beauty of colorful leaves, and a much lower chance of enjoying a lovely day outside without sweat and mosquito bites.  It also means that the sky’s moving along as well -- the sun sets earlier and rises later. If you’re an early riser, it might be harder to wake...

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  4. House porch decorated for the fall season with an Original Lull Mattress Box in the center.

    Sleep and the Holiday Season

    Fall isn’t just delightful for the colorful leaves and actually bearable, moderate weather. It’s a time when a lot of fun festivities begin, particularly Halloween, cultural holidays such as mid-autumn festivals and Diwali, and of course, Thanksgiving.  These are all great reasons to take a little vacation out to visit friends and family, celebrating with spooky decor, cultural attire and...

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  5. Women laying on bed using laptop

    How To Fix Your Sleep Schedule For School

    It’s September, which means either you, someone you know, or your kids are going back to school or have been back in school!  New beginnings should always be backed with great sleep so you can be alert and ready for any new, unexpected challenges. Whether it’s an unusually hard class, a new crush, or an exciting new student org, the...

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  6. 5 Ways Sleep Makes Your Skin Look Better

    Anyone who’s taken a good look in the mirror after just one night of sleep deprivation knows the toll of it on your skin. Under Eye bags are a dead giveaway. It’s no wonder why so many cosmetic companies market undereye concealers by promising a “yes, I DID sleep 8 hours last night” look.  If your skincare routine isn’t giving...

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