Papaw’s Wood Shop Video Post

Jason Collins hosts Papaw’s Wood Shop on YouTube and shared his recent bed making project with us here at Lull.


He took our king sized mattress and used it as his inspiration to create a platform storage bed for his guest cottage, which is also in progress and can be found on his YouTube channel.

Jason shows his followers how to create the bed from scratch, starting with video one which goes into detail about cutting the slats and rails to make the bed’s platform.

In video two, Jason goes on to show how he created the wooden storage compartment that goes underneath the bed frame and his new Lull mattress.

And finally, in video three Jason shows his followers how to add the pneumatic gas pistons and hinges that will allow the top of the bed to lift up and reveal the storage compartment beneath.

At the end of the third video, Jason talks about how one of the best parts of the Lull mattress works on almost any surface, and how the three-layer mattress works perfectly on his platform storage bed. He then shows how he gets his Lull king sized mattress unboxed and set up in under five minutes!

Jason’s videos are thorough and easy to follow. He even offers free detailed 3D plans for building his platform storage bed so folks can follow along at their own pace and recreate his design at home.

Both Jason and his wife Roxanne mention on his blog how much they are enjoying their new mattress, after giving it a week long trial run on the new platform storage bed that Jason built, and share how much they love the fact that Lull delivered the mattress to their door and offered a 100-night trial on a premium gel foam mattress that they were able to buy online.