Samika Vlogs Surprise Their Parents with a Lull Mattress

Samika and his siblings were blessed with super supportive parents – they always put their kids before themselves in everything that they did – and he’s always looking for ways to give back to them.

When Lull heard that Sam was thinking about updating the mattress that his parents have had for as long as he can remember with a new memory foam mattress, we jumped at the chance to help!

Lull worked with Sam to surprise his parents with a King-sized mattress delivered to their door in a box the size of a mini-fridge.

At first, Mom and Dad didn’t know what was waiting for them on their front porch. When they realized that there was a premium gel foam mattress inside, they were shocked! And they couldn’t wait to get it inside to replace their much smaller innerspring mattress.

Sam’s mom shared the story with his YouTube audience that the bedframe that they were currently sleeping on had been a present from her parents when she was 13 years old, and that she had been sleeping on it for 47 years!

After moving the old mattress and bedframe out of the way, Sam and his dad took the Lull mattress out of its shipping box, and begin to unwrap it with the help of Sam’s toddler, Noah.

There is oohing and ahhing when the Lull mattress starts to expand into its full size, and Noah can’t wait to give it a trial run – he jumps onto the mattress, adorable pajamas and all!

Then it was off to buy a new bedframe to hold their King-sized Lull and new sheets to make their new bed even more luxurious.

Finally, Mom and Dad get a chance to try out their new bed, and after stretching out on it, Sam’s mom announces that lying on the Lull mattress is heavenly.

Sam tells his YouTube audience that Lull ships all mattresses for FREE, offers a 100-night trial, and provides luxury mattresses at an affordable price – as well as offering a cooler night’s sleep than most other memory foam mattresses on the market.

We hope you enjoy your new mattress, Mom and Dad! You definitely deserve some sweet dreams!