Single Parents Deserve Better Sleep & Lull Wants to Give it to Them!

Parents are some of the most hardworking people in the world – especially those that do it solo.

If you know a single parent that deserves a good night’s sleep and an awesome surprise, enter them in the Lull Mattress Single Parent Giveaway for a chance to win one of our premium gel memory foam mattresses – in any size that they choose!

Tell us why you think the single parent you’re nominating should get the gift of better sleep by sharing their story, sending us pictures of them in action with their little ones, or the link to a YouTube video showing us what makes them a parenting superstar.

There are multiple ways to nominate the amazing single parent in your life, and YouTube video links earn you a double entry, so get your camera ready!

Need some inspiration? Check out this video from Britney’s YouTube channel, Britney and Baby.


Britney shows her YouTube audience what parenting is all about – running around making smoothies for her two adorable children, Nolan and Aria, trying to sneak in some “mom time” to color her hair, and throwing an after lunch dance party for her kiddos.

She also shares how much she loves her own Lull mattress – so much so, in fact, that she decided to add one to her daughter’s room. And she shows us how Aria helps get her new mattress unboxed and set up. So cute!

Britney also talks about the Lull Mattress Single Parent Giveaway, and encourages anyone that knows a single mom or dad that could use a premium memory foam mattress to enter them for a chance to win one of their very own.

There are tons of single parents out there, working hard to take care of their kids, day in and day out – and they deserve to have their story heard and chance to win a better night’s sleep, don’t they?

Tell us about the amazing single mom or dad in your life today!