Spotlight on Lull’s Customer Service | Customer Service Awareness Week

Happy October! Halloween is coming up, but so is Customer Service Awareness Week for the first week of the month. It’s been a nationally recognized event since 1992, approved by the US Congress. So while you’re out shopping for your spooky decor, don’t forget to show your appreciation for everyone kindly helping you.

So to celebrate this wonderful week, we’d like to shine a spotlight on our customer service team here at Lull and why we’re so proud of it. Our team has worked hard to provide excellent quality service to thousands of customers, ensuring our products benefit them in the best ways possible.

We believe that providing excellent customer service is crucial to our success. Our definition of quality customer service involves building meaningful relationships with our customers throughout their journey towards better sleep. That’s one of the many reasons why we’ve achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate!

There are quite a few ways we make sure we take care of our customers, starting with our internal structure. We don’t outsource our call center, rather we built one in-house so that our representatives are truly a part of our team and are literally more connected to us. When you call us, you won’t be pressing buttons on an automated system for several minutes, you’ll actually be connected to a live human in no time. Just make sure you dial during our hours of operation, which is 7 days a week from 6 AM to 6 PM PST.  

Our staff is trained to talk about more than just our premium mattresses, they’re sleep experts, meaning our customer support team is well-versed on all things sleepl. As you can tell from our blog, Lull has done plenty of research into a wide spectrum of sleep-related topics, such as how you can fall asleep more easily and the benefits of better sleep. Our team is also trained to tailor their knowledge to your unique situation, so let them know your personal preferences and nightly routine and they’ll work with you to figure out if Lull is right for you. 

Want to see for yourself what other people are saying about our customer service? Here are some reviews from our happy customers:

  • “The rep I talked to was very professional and did everything she could to accommodate me. She was very polite and nice and it was some of the best customer service I ever received. Lull has a great product with exceptional customer service.” – Travis S.
  • “To my amazement Lull went over and beyond to make me happy with my mattress…I have gotten the best sleep from this mattress. Totally worth the buy. The payment options really help relieve the stress of buying an expensive item. So I’m grateful to Lull for their outstanding customer service.” – Minami P.
  • “Lull’s customer service is wonderful…They were very friendly on the phone and they even followed up with me and called me back and left me voicemails. Definitely 5 stars for customer service! The bed is great too. Solved my back issues and makes me sleep longer 🙂 I highly recommend.” – Maria N.

Unlike other companies, our communications don’t end after your Lull purchase. Our team stays in touch with our customers after their purchase to ensure they’re getting the most out of their upgrade to Lull. If you ask, a sleep expert will even sing you a lullaby! 

We are so proud to have all this to celebrate our Customer Service Awareness Week with. We’re incredibly grateful for our customer support team and the profound impact they’ve had on our customer satisfaction. Without them, we wouldn’t have over 36,000 raving reviews and a 98% satisfaction rate So if you decide to ask our team about how to get the sleep you deserve, you can be assured your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.