Unboxing: Get Lulled to Sleep (video post)

The lovely ladies at the online Chicago lifestyle magazine, Chicagonista.com recently shared their experience of unboxing a new Lull mattress with their YouTube audience.

Their video shows how quick and easy it is to go from the compressed Lull mattress that is delivered to customers’ front doors in a box the size of a mini-fridge to a full-size memory foam mattress.

The video also reminds viewers that shipping is FREE and mattresses arrive within 3-4 days of being sent out via FedEx, as well as the fact that a Lull mattress costs around 75% less than traditional mattresses.

The adorable star of the video shows us how easy it is to get your Lull mattress unboxed – it just takes a little muscle and a parent equipped with some scissors to cut away the protective wrapping.

She then goes on to test out her new mattress by jumping and down on it before flopping down for a rest and to tell her audience that she’s never had a bed so big, and that her Lull is so soft that it’s like laying on a cloud – she can’t wait to sleep on it!