Why We Make Our Mattresses in America*

At Lull Mattress, we are not only dedicated to helping you to achieve a better night’s rest, we are also actively invested in bettering our country by providing you with a product that is made in the United States* with the utmost care and precise attention to detail.

We’re proud of the fact that our mattresses are made in the USA, plain and simple. We believe that creating jobs, supporting our communities, and promoting our country’s long-time sense of pride in a job well done is the most important part of what we do.

Hard work, ingenuity, and an unfailing work ethic produces stellar results, every time. Our country was founded on that principle and it’s one that we believe in so strongly, that we make it our pledge to practice it every day. That’s why we chose to manufacture our mattresses in America and not in other countries around the world.

From top to bottom, Lull mattresses are made by Americans, for Americans. The high-quality foam that is the foundation of our mattress and what helps you to sleep like a baby is manufactured and assembled in California. The threads and fabrics that bring it all together are 100% American sourced and made, and the mattresses are assembled with the great care by American workers in Illinois, ensuring that your new mattress will continue to be a source of support for you while you sleep for years to come.

It’s a fact that products that are made with thoughtfulness and genuine pride last longer and perform better than products that aren’t. That’s part of what makes the American-made difference. When a product is made in the United States, it is held up to much higher quality standards than anywhere else in the world and is put through rigorous testing and quality control processes that ensures that what ends up in your home is the best of the best, not just what could be made the cheapest and the quickest.

American-made products are also made in factories that focus not just on product quality, but also on what’s best for their workers by providing a safety-conscious working environment, offering their employees a fair wage and benefits, and making sure that their workers are provided with adequate break times, unlike the sweatshop conditions of most overseas factories.

America also has a set of strict environmental protection laws in effect to help ensure that the world will remain as free from pollution as possible for future generations, unlike the factories overseas that pump pollutants into the air. When you purchase a product made in America, you are also cutting out the unnecessary negative environmental impact associated with overseas shipping, reducing the contamination of the oceans, and keeping our air clean and clear.

Purchasing an American-made mattress from Lull not only creates better jobs for your neighbors and loved ones, beefs up the American economy, and keeps our world green. It also helps to restore America to its once great place of pride.

Update 2019: Lull Mattresses are now proudly manufactured at various locations across the United States, China & Vietnam. United States – Mississippi, China – Shanghai, Vietnam – Binh Duong.