4 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Room Improves Your Sleep

4 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Room Improves Your Sleep

Have you ever slept anywhere else besides your own room and experienced greater difficulty or ease falling asleep? You’re not alone — many people find that the environment of where you sleep can influence how easily you doze off or toss and turn. 

Improving your bedroom environment doesn’t mean you need to get up and break the bank on fancy new decor. In fact, you can just start off by cleaning up what you have. A cleaner bedroom can help you feel more awake and refreshed due to multiple factors. So check out our list of sleep-related incentives to clean, then audit your room to see what parts can be moved around and what junk can say goodbye.

1. A cleaner room means fewer allergens are around to make you sick. 

A messy, dirty bedroom means plenty of sweaty places for pollutants, mites, and bed bugs to hide. They aren’t just hiding in the crevices, but also linger in the air.It’s no surprise that all these germs will make your allergies worse, keeping you up sneeze after sneeze. 

2. Messy bedrooms can subconsciously stress you out.

We’ve stated plenty of times on this blog that stress can take a heavy toll on your sleep quality and quantity. The sight of a physical mess can subconsciously lead to a mental one, elevating your cortisol, so don’t let that happen in your own room. With a cleaner room, it’s easier to alleviate at least some of the day’s stresses right around bedtime so racing thoughts won’t keep you up. 

3. Clean sheets are just more comfortable.

There’s no scientific data needed to prove this point. Clean bedding free of sweat and germs isn’t just more hygienic in fact, it also feels better. The smell is fresher and the material is softer, unstiffened by sweat. If you haven’t washed your bedding in a while, do it. You’ll feel a difference when you crawl in bed without even opening your eyes.

4. It’s easier to start your day.

Related to point #2, a cleaner room just makes it easier to start the day right after you wake up. You’re taking in a fresher scent, you’ll have an easier time finding everything you need to head out, and you aren’t stepping on or tripping over things. Not having to walk through a maze of clutter helps save some brainpower for the day’s more strenuous activities, making life overall a little easier and its stresses more manageable. Overall, this will make it easier to sleep when bedtime rolls around. 

Although washing your bedding may shrink it and wear it down, this washing should be a critical part of cleaning your room. If shrinking and wearing is a concern, choose bedding made from durable materials such as Lull’s pillows. Most of Lull’s products are generally made with hypoallergenic materials, so even if your room is an allergy catalyst, at least your bedding won’t make it worse!

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