Casper vs. Leesa

vs. Lull

Buying the right mattress can be a challenging and time consuming process. If you are considering and comparing mattress brands, this Casper vs. Leesa vs. Lull side-by-side breakdown will hopefully help make your buying decision a bit easier.

Latex Foam Mattress

  • 1.5" Synthetic Dunlop Latex Foam
  • 1.5" Memory Foam
  • 1.5" Polyfoam
  • 5" Support Polyfoam

Three-Layer Foam Mattress

  • 2" Avena Foam
  • 2" Memory Foam
  • 6" Support Foam

Three-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

  • 1.5" Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • 1.5" Latex-like Polyfoam
  • 7" High-density Polyfoam

Customer Reviews

Both Lull and Casper receive positive reviews from their many customers. Their respective customer ratings are taken directly from their web sites as of May, 2019.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

This rating is based on the percentage of 4 and 5 star reviews as a means to measure overall customer satisfaction. All information was taken from their respective web sites as of May, 2019.

Support/Firmness Rating

This rating was also conducted by an impartial third party to determine the level of support and firmness of mattresses based on a scale of 1 (very soft) and 5 (extremely firm).

Third-Party Reviews

Lull, Casper and Leesa mattresses have all gone through rigorous reviews and testing by third party organizations and companies. Here is how Lull compares to Casper and Leesa by these organization's standards and testing criteria.

100 Nights
100 Nights
365 Nights
10 Years
10 Years

Is Lull Right for You?

  • You are seeking pressure-relief that memory foam is known for without the bounce of latex
  • You sleep in multiple positions. Lull does an outstanding job of conforming and supporting side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • You want to save money
  • You want a 365 Night Trial
  • You want a Lifetime Warranty
  • You want Free Shipping
  • You want Easy Returns

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