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The easiest way to prevent overheating at night is to stay cool — the Lull Mattress is engineered with cooling gel and increased airflow to do just that.

All too often you wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, uncomfortable and entirely overheated.

You’re a chronic hot sleeper and, chances are, you’re in need of a cool gel mattress and don’t even know it yet.

It may seem like you’ve tried everything to stay cool at night, but in reality the best way to sleep cool is to have the right mattress! Forget leaving an extra window open or using fewer blankets, a mattress that is capable of creating sufficient airflow is all you need.

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Now there’s hope for the hot sleepers of the world: you can sleep cool with the Lull Mattress’s airflow technology. The premium Lull Mattress is crafted with a gel-infused top layer that absorbs and evenly distributes one’s body heat.

For the typical hot sleeper an extra cooling gel mattress topper is usually necessary – which simply means more money out of your pocket. The good news is that Lull’s memory foam top layer can prevent overheating entirely.

The Lull Mattress is made with 3 layers of foam that each serve a different function to provide the most comfortable night’s sleep. The bottom two layers are a proprietary conventional foam and polyurethane foam that relieves your body of all forms of pressure and aches. These are topped with the gel-infused viscoelastic memory foam layer that works to provide extensive airflow and draw all of the heat from your body.

Memory foam responds to both heat and body shape, therefore, providing the best solution to prevent overheating at night.

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The idea of a mattress allowing airflow may seem confusing, but the science behind the gel-infused memory foam layer isn’t as complicated as it appears. To create a cool surface, liquid-based materials (like gels) are employed to help regulate and disperse body temperature. Based on the principle of ambient heat, the cool material effectively draws heat away from the body and releases it to the rest of the foam in the mattress.

For a chronic hot sleeper like yourself, you may need some more convincing that a new memory foam mattress truly is the best solution to your miserable sweat-filled nights.

Luckily, customers have proved that Lull is the best mattress for hot sleepers. With over 42,000 positive customer reviews, countless customers have claimed that Lull's cooling technology has done wonders for their sleep.

According to a study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews, “sleepiness and sleep propensity are strongly influenced by...core body temperature.” Hence to achieve your best possible night sleep, low body temperature is required. The higher your body temperature rises, consequently the harder it is to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Consequently, the issue of overheating at night lies simply in the fact that your bedding and mattress may not be allowing proper airflow, creating a spike in your body temperature. So, unfortunately, if you’re regularly becoming overheated at night, the average mattress just won’t suffice.

In addition to the Lull Mattress's gel-infused top layer, the soft and breathable cover also contributes to even body heat distribution.

The journey to a cool night’s rest starts and ends with having the right mattress. The Lull Mattress is the best way for any hot sleeper to stay cool while sleeping and experience next-level comfort at night.

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