How Can You Ease the
Stress of a New Week
on Sunday Night?

It’s Sunday: the last day of the week, bringing us into a new 7 days of routine, work, and responsibilities. While Sundays are sometimes referred to as lazy days, many of us come into Sunday dreading the dreadful feeling known as the infamous “Sunday Blues.”

The term Sunday Blues refers to the feeling of anxiety heading into the new week. With the impending week at the top of our minds, our obligations seem to race in our minds forcing us to feel anxious and worried about what’s ahead. The thought of going to sleep and the end of the weekend, only to wake up to a daunting Monday can make just about anyone stressed.

However, although the Sunday Blues are infamous for affecting practically everyone, there are ways to help reduce that work week anxiety.

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If you’ve been desperate to help reduce your Sunday night anxieties leading into the new week, you're in luck. First take a deep breath and exhale because we have compiled a list of ways you can ease those pesky Sunday Blues.

Make a List

Taking some time out of your day to sit down and write your goals, tasks, and responsibilities for the coming week can help you visualize what’s in front of you. The feeling of stress and worry can often come from feelings of uncertainty, so once you can see what’s ahead of you things may seem less daunting.


Practicing routine meditation and deep breathing can help tremendously with stress levels and with ridding of those Sunday Blues. You can practice relaxation techniques from the comfort of your mattress either before going to sleep or upon waking up! If you’re new to meditating, try there are plenty of mobile apps and videos online to assist you.

Limit Phone Use

Although it’s hard to stay off your phone, try to avoid keeping your eyes glued to it the entire day. Your phone can be the cause of added stress with its constant pings, alerts, and incoming emails. Allow yourself a break from it and get to it on Monday.

Clean Up and Organize

Another way to clear your mind and calm yourself down is to clean up and organize your space. Being surrounded by clutter can make your mind feel as equally cluttered. Take some time to tidy up and you’ll find that you’ll feel a better sense of calm and organization.

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Create a Sleep Sanctuary

Turning your bedroom into the ultimate sleep sanctuary can do wonders in promoting better sleep. To turn your space into a sleep sanctuary, be sure to keep the temperature low (between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit) as doing so helps produce melatonin in your body. In addition, ensure your bed is a place dedicated to sleep and relaxation and that the blue lights that radiate from electronic devices are nowhere to be found.

Bedtime Rituals

Bedtime rituals that help relax your body before bed are key in getting your best night’s sleep. Before going to bed try taking a warm bath or shower to relax your muscles. You can also make yourself some warm chamomile tea, a perfect before-bed drink, as it contains no caffeine and has a great variety of health benefits.

Exercise Every Day

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your physical health but what you may not know is that exercise also helps promote high-quality sleep and longer sleep duration. You don’t need to be running daily marathons or lifting extremely heavy weights, just aim for about 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. Be sure not to work out right before you plan on going to bed, as doing this will result in a stimulant effect that will make it harder to fall asleep.

Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, or Food Right Before Bed

The consumption of both caffeine and alcohol can have adverse effects on your sleep. Don’t consume caffeine after noon and try to avoid having an extra drink at dinner. On top of this, avoid eating right before going to sleep. Doing so will activate your digestive system, consequently keeping you up throughout the night.

Increase Sunlight Exposure

Along with plenty of other health benefits, some good old fashioned vitamin D has been proven to help combat stress and help induce sleepiness at night. The more sunlight exposure you get during the day will mean the more tired and relaxed you’ll feel once it’s time to get your best night’s rest. Don’t forget that sunscreen though!

Have the Best Quality Mattress and Pillows

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that you have a mattress and pillows that will fully support and properly align your body and neck. In order for your body to feel fully rested, it needs to be properly supported. After a long day of working, exercising and socializing your body needs a break to promote proper rejuvenation. Let your muscles fully rest on a mattress and pillows that will have you waking up feeling ready to spring up out of bed!

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Avoid Napping

It’s definitely hard to avoid napping in your comfortable bed, especially when your day has really taken a toll on you. It’s pretty simple: if you nap during the day or before your set bedtime, you may not be as tired when you actually need to go to sleep for the night. Segmenting your sleep will interfere with your natural sleep cycle. To wake up truly rejuvenated, try your best to skip the napping session.

Stop Snoozing Your Alarm Clock

It’s tempting to hit snooze come morning time, however countless studies show that hitting your snooze button to catch those extra Z’s will have an adverse effect by interrupting your natural sleep cycle. If you use your phone as an alarm, try placing it across the room so that when you wake up you’ll have to get out of bed to turn it off — this will get your body up and moving. To improve waking up by an alarm, choose a more soothing or enjoyable tune.

Although the Sunday Blues can get the best of us at times, with every problem there are solutions. Try to let yourself fully decompress on your Sunday and remind yourself that the coming week isn’t as scary as it may seem, especially after a night of restful sleep.

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