How Does Your Mattress
Affect Your Health?

With all the diets, workout regimens, health drinks, and the like, supporting your health and immune system can oftentimes feel like an overwhelming task. With the endless amount of methods you’ve been told will keep your health in check, we sometimes forget that perhaps the most important factor to maintaining good health is sleep — high-quality sleep, to be specific.

According to studies published by Scientific American, humans can go as long as 21 days without food yet they can only live for just over a week and a half without getting any sleep. Harvard Health Publications claim that “getting enough high-quality sleep may be as important to health and well-being as nutrition and exercise.”

Getting quality sleep directly impacts your physical and emotional wellness. The functionality of your immune system, brain, heart, as well as your productivity and creativity are all affected by how much sleep you’re getting each night.

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How do you achieve high-quality sleep?

The answer is more simple than you may think: it all starts with a premium quality mattress. High-quality sleep leaves you waking up refreshed with no aches or pains, no interruptions throughout the night, and a deep, comfortable slumber.

As the quality of your mattress can determine how well you sleep at night, owning an inadequate mattress will have negative effects on your health. Similar to playing a sport, without proper “equipment,” you won’t be successful in your endeavors. Hence without a premium quality mattress, you will be without premium quality sleep.

If your mattress isn’t providing you with the necessary level of comfort, not to worry because Lull has your back.

At Lull, we place comfort and high-quality sleep at the top of our priorities for our customers. So much so, The Original Lull Mattress has been rated as the best mattress for back pain by U.S. News & World Report. Each mattress is carefully crafted to ensure your best night’s sleep, which in turn means better health and a strong functioning immune system.

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Three Layer Technology

Original Lull Mattresses are made with 3 layers of premium foam that each serve their own purpose to provide ultimate comfort and support. The first and largest layer begins with the core base that provides support to your body. Next is the middle transition layer that provides the necessary bounce for comfort and avoiding that “stuck” feeling, and lastly, the gel-infused top memory foam layer that perfectly forms to your body, giving you the best possible comfort and cooling. With an Original Lull Mattress you are sure to wake up with no aches or pains. Lull is the goldilocks of mattresses as it’s not too firm or too soft, just the perfect amount of support and comfort: made for practically every body.

Advanced Sleep Technology

Each layer is designed to provide specialized comfort and support for all sleeping positions

  • Breathable Top Cover
    Hand-crafted cover allows cool air to easily pass through.
  • Cooling Comfort
    Gel-infused top layer contours to your body and promotes airflow.
  • Therapeutic Support
    Proprietary high-resilience foam creates optimal alignment for full muscle rest and rejuvenation.
  • Lasting Durability
    Durable base layer prevents sagging and provides a strong foundation.
  • Premium Cover
    Made from high quality fabrics and easily conceals beneath the sheets.

Original Lull Mattresses are also built with both movement isolation and cooling technology. Memory foam in the top layer allows for a reduced sense of motion disturbance from anyone else in the bed. Even if someone is 6 inches away from you, for example, you won’t feel a thing if they shift or get up in the night. Lull’s gel-infused top layer also allows for extensive airflow and draws heat away from your body to redistribute it throughout the rest of the material. With an Original Lull Mattress, you won’t be woken up by the movement of your mattress, nor by suffocating heat.

If you’re worried that this kind of comfort surely won’t last, we assure you there’s no need to fret. Original Lull Mattresses are backed by a guarantee to never valley, even after years of use. With a Lifetime Warranty, Lull mattresses are sure to keep their quality and comfort for years to come.

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Maintaining a well-functioning immune system can be as simple as sleeping. Ensuring you’re getting the best quality sleep couldn’t be easier on an Original Lull Mattress. Your overall health is determined by a multitude of factors, with your mattress being one of them. Don’t let your old and uncomfortable mattress drag you down; with the help of Lull you can be feeling in tip-top shape.

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