Is Napping Good
or Bad for You?

Do you ever think back to when you were in kindergarten, and at the middle of the day came the routine nap time? Do you ever wish that could be part of your routine now?

With everything we do throughout each work day, many of us exhaust ourselves working off of sometimes only 5 hours of sleep. The idea of napping during the day may seem entirely ludicrous to many of us, something we would only be doing if we were still in kindergarten. However, while napping may seem like a thing of the past, studies have found that napping (if done correctly) may actually have some beneficial effects.

Before diving into the benefits of napping, let’s first do a breakdown of all of the different types of napping (yes, there are categories of naps).

First, there is what’s called “planned napping,” which involves resting before you actually become tired. Planned napping would be the technique of getting in some quick z’s as preparation for staying up later, or to avoid becoming tired earlier in your day.

The next category, “emergency napping” happens when you quickly become so tired, you feel as though you cannot continue with your task until you sleep.

Lastly, “habitual napping” is the act of taking naps at the same time each day, similar to when you were in kindergarten.

With all the different types of napping as a general recommendation, naps for adults really should only last a maximum amount of 10-30 minutes. Anything longer than this will result in waking up groggy, and may interfere with your regular sleep schedule. A study conducted on napping found that naps that lasted 10 minutes produced the most benefits, while a nap lasting 30 minutes or longer was more likely to result in waking up feeling disoriented.

So you may be asking yourself, what are the pros and cons of napping? Well, rest assured your questions will be answered.

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Here are some of the key benefits
to napping
for the recommended
10-30 minutes:

Restoring alertness

Working all day can really wear down your ability to stay alert. Luckily, napping can help restore your alertness directly following your time spent asleep. Napping may even extend your sense of alertness for a few hours later in the day.

Enhanced performance and reduced mistakes

Overall, when you’re tired you are more prone to decrease your productivity and are more vulnerable to making errors. Napping has been found to help revitalize both your performance and accuracy. Military studies conducted by NASA found pilots and astronauts improved their performance by 34% after a quick nap.

Help for those with Narcolepsy

If you struggle with narcolepsy, scheduled napping has been proven to help reduce the effects.

Psychological benefits

Taking a nap can feel like a luxury. The act of allowing yourself some time to rest can help boost relaxation and give yourself a sense of mental rejuvenation.

While there are clear benefits to napping, there are some cons that may arise when done so incorrectly. Here are some of the ways napping may affect you negatively, when done improperly:

Sleep Inertia

With naps that last longer than 30 minutes, for some longer than even 20 minutes, sleep inertia can occur. Sleep inertia is the feeling of grogginess you experience upon waking up from a deep sleep. While this feeling may not last too long, for those hoping to receive an immediate boost in energy after napping this can be a downside.

Effects on regular sleep schedule

Once again naps that last too long, or that are too later in the day, can have a negative impact upon your regular sleep schedule. If you take too long of a nap too late in your day, you may have trouble falling asleep that night or staying asleep.

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Evidently, napping can be either a positive or negative, depending on how you approach it. However, if you find yourself needing naps throughout the day, chances are that you may not be receiving enough sleep at night.

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Strive to get the best sleep of your life, whenever you may need it. With how hard some of us work, no matter how long we sleep at night a nap may feel necessary. So whether you’re a serial napper or not, you'll want every z you get to count. Make each z count with Lull.

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