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4.6 of 5 Stars (41,770 Reviews)

4.6 of 5 Stars (6,324 Reviews)

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4.3 of 5 Stars (1,571 Reviews)

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Okay, so I got a new @LullBed mattress and it’s been expanding for about hours..but let me just say, I laid down on it, and can’t get off. I feel like I’m on a marshmallow cloud. Teddy keeps jumping up & I feel NO movement on my side.


@LullBed is the best thing that’s happened to me. I’m ALWAYS late because I don’t want to get out of bed


So the verdict is in on my @LullBed... I LOVE IT. I’ve never slept so soundly without having to roll over multiple times. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great mattress at an affordable price! #GetYourLullOn

Noelle Marie

Dude, @LullBed’s are AMAZING!!! I’ll never switch to another company when it comes to them.

Jess sachs

If you're looking for a mattress that won't make you wanna stay in bed all day then dont get a @LullBed. Seriously I never want to leave


@LullBed has made it so hard for me to want to get out of my bed

Top Questions

Does the mattress come with a box spring? Do I need one?

The Lull mattress doesn't come with a box spring. If you’re interested, you can add a Lull Mattress Foundation to your order for added support. The Lull Mattress works on Lull bed frames and platforms with or without the foundation. The Mattress also works on flat platforms, slatted bases, box springs, and even the floor.

We are so confident you’ll love your Lull mattress that if you are not completely satisfied with your sleep experience within the first 365 nights (for any Lull mattress), or 100 nights (for all other Lull products) we'll make it right. Chat with our world class customer service about our return policy.

Your Lull mattress and bedding will be 100% new and yours to keep. Lull does NOT send customers used products.

There is no need to get the mattress back in the box. If you are not completely satisfied with your sleeping experience within the stress-free trial period, we will arrange for a free pickup and removal of your Lull Mattress in its expanded form. Lull makes every effort possible to donate returned trial mattress to local charities and organizations in need of beds.

In a word: heavenly. Lull's three layers of premium quality foam deliver cooling bounce, therapeutic pressure relief and contouring support. A perfect combination to ensure a great night of sleep. Our mattress provides full body support and the top layer’s cooling gel technology helps regulate body temperature to prevent overheating while you sleep. Third-party mattress review sites have given the Lull Mattress a firmness rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on a scale of 1 (soft) to 10 (firm). We believe that a firm mattress plays an important role in overall health and reduction of back pain and stiffness.

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