Lull: The Best Mattress for All Body Types

Every individual is designed differently. Some of us are tall and thin, others shorter and fuller, some of us lie somewhere in the middle. At Lull, we are fully aware that each individual has specific needs and desires which is why we design our mattress to fit every kind of person out there.

Investing in a new mattress can feel daunting and worrying about how your shape and size may affect your purchasing decision, making things even more difficult. Your mattress should fully cater to you and shouldn’t discriminate based on your size.

Here’s why Lull is perfect for every kind of sleeper, regardless of size: the Lull Mattresses are the best mattress for heavy people, petite people, and everyone else between.

We make mattresses for all
people – heavy,
thin, tall
short; we don’t discriminate!

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The Original Lull Mattress is made with 3 different layers of foam that each serve their own purpose. The bottom layer provides strength and support, the middle provides proper bounce and comfort, while the top layer ensures breathability and cooling airflow. At Lull we pride ourselves on having a mattress that offers true comfort to all. Think of us like the Goldilocks of mattresses — not too firm, not too soft, but just right!

If you’re of the heavier body type, you may have heard that a typical memory foam mattress won’t give you proper support but don’t fear, Lull is different. While some memory foam mattresses may provide consumers with issues like being too soft, sagging, or overheating, the materials used to make up the Original Lull Mattress combat all of these concerns.

First, we tackle the issue of sagging by constructing our mattresses with a support layer. This support layer is made from polyurethane foam and makes up the first 7 inches of the mattress at its base. This layer gives the mattress structure and strength ensuring no matter your size, or how long you’ve had our mattress, the material will not sag. Secondly, our viscoelastic memory foam top layer is infused with a gel material that promotes cooling and airflow. You’ll never have to worry about feeling suffocated by your mattress.

Advanced Sleep Technology

Each layer of the Original Lull Mattress is
designed to provide specialized
and support for all sleeping positions

  • Breathable Top Cover
    Hand-crafted cover allows cool air to easily pass through.
  • Cooling Comfort
    Gel-infused top layer contours to your body and promotes airflow.
  • Therapeutic Support
    Proprietary high-resilience foam creates optimal alignment for full muscle rest and rejuvenation.
  • Lasting Durability
    Durable base layer prevents sagging and provides a strong foundation.
  • Premium Cover
    Made from high quality fabrics and easily conceals beneath the sheets.

At Lull, instead of presenting you with a confusing variety of different mattresses that fit different needs, we put our energy into making one mattress that fits all. We put all of our resources into developing a mattress that caters to any buyer’s needs. We’ve done the research in crafting our mattresses so you don’t have to.

When deciding to take the plunge on buying a new mattress, perhaps your biggest concern is making sure your new mattress will best accommodate you and your partner. Having a difference in weight distribution between you and your significant other is not uncommon and we took this into account when crafting our mattress. We are confident that Lull is the best mattress for couples with different weights.

The Mattress for All Bodies
and Sleeping Positions

Given the dense materials we use for the Original Lull Mattress, tossing and turning at night will no longer be an issue for you. The Original Lull Mattress conforms to every individuals’ body type, and in doing so reduces the amount of movement felt. Your partner (or even your pets) could get out of bed and back in without you ever even knowing. True uninterrupted bliss!

Now we already know what you’re thinking: “one mattress for every kind of body type? This is too good to be true.” And we can’t blame you! The Original Lull Mattress can seem like it’s just too perfect to be real. So if you’re in the need of some more convincing, here’s what some of our customers had to say about how Lull was able to cater to them:

We are confident that the Original Lull Mattress will be the perfect fit for you and all of your needs, so much so that we go the extra mile to ensure you are just as confident.

When purchasing a Lull you can rest assured that your mattress will never give out on you with our Lifetime Warranty. On top of this, we provide a 365 Night Trial. After 365 nights, if you don’t feel as though your Lull fits you as perfectly as it should, arrange a quick and easy return.

Whether you’re large and tall, small and short, fuller or thinner, we are sure that the Original Lull Mattress will be the right fit for you.

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