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Our headquarters are nestled in beautiful Santa Barbara, California where you will be inspired to do your best work while living your best life. We are collaborative, data driven, and constantly evolving. We listen, ensuring our employees’ ideas are heard — every voice matters.

We believe in opportunity and aim to equip our employees with the tools required to reach their full potential here at Lull.

We are inclusive. We welcome those from all backgrounds and beliefs, and we celebrate an environment of mutual respect. We are looking for people who are passionate about their work, eager to learn, and ready to start doing the best work of their lives.

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    Together we work to achieve successful outcomes, utilizing teammembers’ key skills.

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    Community Culture

    Our work environment is fun, progressive, and diverse. Wework to live not live to work.

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    Giving Back

    We volunteer withand support various local nonprofits thatshareour values.

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    Beau W., Customer Support

    I really enjoy the career growth Lull has provided for me in the last two years. The camaraderie among my team is pretty amazing.

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    Sharone A., Marketing

    My favorite part of working for Lull is the power we give our employees to make a difference in the company. We’re always solving new problems, pushing the limits, and I learn something new every day!

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    Raghav T., Data Science

    Lull has provided me with the perfect place to practice all the technical skills I’ve learned. The management team has fostered a great environment for early-career professionals like me!

Lull Values

Our customers are the priority

Data drives our decisions

We are results-focused

We strive for constant improvement

We communicate openly and honestly

We practice humility

Everyone adds value

We assume ownership and accountability

We work to live

Our customers are the priority

Data drives our decisions

We are results-focused

We strive for constant improvement

We communicate openly and honestly

We practice humility

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The Lull Way

How We Got Here

Lull was born out of problem solving. Sven, our founder, was looking for the perfect mattress, but found few online solutions that offered a more seamless buying experience than shopping in-store. Together with Matt, Brad, and Tom, Sven set out to dive headfirst into an industry on the brink of disruption. With tenacity and belief, the team took on the established mattress industry. Although under-resourced, self-funded, and with limited knowledge of the mattress industry, they managed to become one of the first companies to shake up the market; all by believing it could be done.

Why We're Thriving

There’s one word that defines Lull’s success and makes it stand out: Execution. We take great pride in executing, and exceeding, our business plan from a micro-level. You’ll hear us say that you can’t be good at the big things if you aren’t good at the small things. A favorite quote that summarizes our attention to detail is “pennies and basis points matter.” This obsessive attention to detail has resulted in unmatched excellence. Execution is ingrained in every employee and in every single thing we do, every single day.

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A few lull employees playing video games in a lull conference room.
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Who We Are

We Are Respectful

  • Everyone’s time is important — we value being on time to meetings
  • Everyone’s role is important and adds value
  • We are all approachable — we carry ourselves in a friendly, positive, and professional manner
  • We value diversity and are inclusive — different backgrounds, beliefs, points of view, etc., make us stronger
  • We believe in the golden rule — we treat others how we want to be treated


  • We come to meetings on time and prepared
  • We are present in meetings and don’t use our phones, Slack, etc.
  • We reply to emails, Slacks, etc. by the end of the day
  • We meet deadlines, or communicate why we cannot, and provide a new deadline

We Are Transparent

  • We aren’t afraid to seek help when we need guidance
  • We are honest with our thoughts and opinions
  • We are confident in our strengths, and aware of our weaknesses
  • We understand the power of full disclosure and over-communicate early and often


  • We communicate our struggles when we need help, and don’t let things fester
  • We provide constructive feedback and share our thoughts when we see areas for improvement, even if it involves a different department
  • We recognize that mistakes happen — we communicate them and then try to rectify them

We Are Open

  • We always listen — everyone’s opinions are valued
  • We share context, motives, data, and knowledge
  • We take accountability for our mistakes so we can learn and grow from them
  • We assume good intent


  • We celebrate differences in opinions in respectful ways
  • When we hear new ideas, we remain open and ask questions to encourage discussion and creative thinking

We Are Collaborative

  • We do our best work, inspiring others to do the same
  • We value interdepartmental communication which allows us to find the best solutions through multiple perspectives
  • We break down departmental silos
  • We favor productive and spirited debates over consensus, and commit once a decision is made.


  • We build relationships with our coworkers and stay connected
  • We keep our calendars up to date so others can schedule meetings accordingly
  • We ask questions, learn best practices from others, and apply what we’ve learned to our own work
  • We offer to take the lead on projects

We Are Critical Thinkers

  • We do what’s best for Lull
  • We don’t accept claims at face value — we drill down into the details to understand the “why” and follow the data
  • We are curious, and we use that to drive creativity and critical thinking
  • No matter how complex an issue gets, we think outside the box, and get creative with problem solving and solutions


  • We research our competition and consider “best practices,” but always make the best decision for Lull
  • When someone asks a question, we make sure to ask clarifying questions before providing an answer
  • If someone tells us they can’t do something, we dig deeper to understand why, and to find a solution

We Are Methodical

  • We constantly ask ourselves: What can we do to make Lull successful?
  • We strive for constant improvement in everything we do by paying attention to details
  • We identify problems, provide solutions, and back up our assertions with data
  • We take time to understand a problem before offering critical feedback
  • No task is too small — we do what it takes to execute optimally


  • We are advocates for Lull — we strive to get the best [long-term] value out of external partnerships and services, even when that means pushing back on proposals.
  • We are factual — before providing exact data, we make sure we are confident in our answers
  • Rather than saying “I don’t know,” we like to answer questions with: “I’m not sure, but I will find out”
  • We recognize that if we fall behind on our work to talk to our managers about how we can catch up