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  2. 5 Ways Sleep Makes Your Skin Look Better

    Anyone who’s taken a good look in the mirror after just one night of sleep deprivation knows the toll of it on your skin. Under Eye bags are a dead giveaway. It’s no wonder why so many cosmetic companies market undereye concealers by promising a “yes, I DID sleep 8 hours last night” look.  If your skincare routine isn’t giving...

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  3. How Working From Home Affects Your Sleep

    In the era of increasing digitization and a pandemic, it’s understandable that the proportion of remote jobs is increasing. COVID-19 disrupted office life and sent millions of workers all over the world home worldwide, dissipating traffic and commutes. Many workers found themselves using their own computers in the safety of their own home, lowering their risk of infection and sickness. ...

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  4. Why you should try to not fall asleep with the TV on

    Do you find yourself falling asleep while watching TV? It might be a nice way to drift off and unwind after a busy night out socializing, but it’s not such a good idea to make it an everyday habit. Aside from wasting electricity and waking up to spoilers, there’s quite a few reasons why using your favorite dramas to soothe...

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  5. 5 Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

    Ever wonder why 4-7 AM seems to be a common waking time on a lot of motivational social media accounts? That’s because it’s common for a lot of successful entrepreneurs to wake up early. Studies have found that early birds tend to be more proactive in life.  This doesn’t mean that you have to wake up early to start a...

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  6. Can body temperature affect sleep?

    In bed, many of us are no stranger to flipping the pillow over and over again to feel the relaxing coolness of the other side...until it quickly warms up again, moving the cycle forward.  An extended period of pillow-flipping is often the result of feeling too hot to sleep properly, whether it’s due to the temperature of our room or...

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