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  2. Why Should You Read a Book Before Bedtime?

    Do you read before bedtime? If you’ve answered no, maybe it’s not true: you’re reading, but scrolling through news articles on your phone rather than reading a book. Maybe it hasn’t always been this way: maybe when you were a kid before the dawn of smartphones, you’d fall asleep reading your favorite fantasy novels about riding dragons to faraway lands. ...

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  3. 4 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Room Improves Your Sleep

    Have you ever slept anywhere else besides your own room and experienced greater difficulty or ease falling asleep? You’re not alone -- many people find that the environment of where you sleep can influence how easily you doze off or toss and turn.  Improving your bedroom environment doesn’t mean you need to get up and break the bank on fancy...

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  4. What’s the Relationship Between Hydration and Sleep?

    How much water should you drink to properly sleep?  Or, for the frequent urinators -- how little water? What’s the balance between being properly hydrated without frequent bathroom trips? Even if nighttime bathroom trips are annoying, forgoing water before bedtime altogether isn’t the answer. Your body’s still replenishing itself while you sleep, and it needs the power of hydration for...

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  5. How often should you replenish your bedding? 

    Your bedsheets touch your body every night, whether you’ve just showered or you’re crashing after a 7-hour sweaty hike. That means your bed is taking quite a hit from everywhere you’ve been, gradually rubbing off specks of your life’s events. Laundry can refresh it all, but only to a certain extent. After a while, you’ll need to replenish your bedding...

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  6. 7 Tips to Fall Asleep After Waking Up in the Middle of the Night

    Waking up in the middle of the night after a mere few hours of sleep is totally normal. How stressful it is though, depends on how easily it is to fall back asleep. Some nights are spent tossing and turning, wondering if it’s worth it at all to go back to sleep. On other nights, waking up is merely a...

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