11 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

We all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is to our health and happiness. So why not stack the odds of getting better sleep in your favor by turning your bedroom into a sleep haven?

If you’re looking for ways to take your bed from barebones to a super sleepy-time sanctuary, check out these 11 tips for dedicating your bedroom to better sleep.

1. Start with the Sheets: Keep your bedding fresh, sweet-smelling, and focused on lulling you to sleep by adding lavender-scented sachets to your linen closet.

2. Add a Layer of Comfort: If you’ve invested in your health and well-being by adding a premium gel memory foam mattress to your sleep sanctuary, you might want to give yourself an extra layer of comfort (and protection from spills) with a quilted mattress cover.

3. Add Some Extra Warmth: Take your comfort and warmth to an all-new level by investing in a down comforter. Winter nights will never be the same again as you snooze snugly underneath one of them!

4. Treat Yourself to Daily Luxury: Give yourself a bit of elegance and style each and every night by adding a couple of silk pillowcases in with your regular cotton bedding.

5. Get Some Extra Support: If you love to cuddle, but don’t have a snuggle buddy or get too hot during the night when you curl up with your partner, a body pillow is a great way to get the comfort and support you need.

6. Add a Touch of Magic: If you grew up wishing you were a princess, it’s not too late to make that dream come true! Simply adding a canopy to your bed can give you the feeling of living in a fairytale, as well as some extra privacy.

7. Set a Peaceful Mood: Stringing some tiny lights around your bedroom can add just the right mood to your nights, without adding so much light that it disrupts your beauty rest.

8. Focus on Color: If you’ve always loved the look and feel of a hotel bed and wished that you could replicate it at home, keep your bedding white and simple (but high on the thread count!). If you prefer a more homey feel, consider keeping your bedding colors dark, like slate or navy.

9. Step Up to Comfort: Add a throw rug (the plusher the better!) to the floor right beside your bed to give yourself some added coziness and comfort each night and morning.

10. Add Some Accents: Brining in some real wood furniture and fresh flowers can really up the feeling of stepping into a sleep sanctuary each time you enter your bedroom. And as an added bonus, adding houseplants to your room has been proven to increase oxygen flow and help you get a better night’s rest.

11. Skip the Overhead Lighting: Consider placing a lamp on either side of your bed to create a warmer lighting scheme, and giving your sleep haven an added dash of your own style.

Making use of these quick and easy DIY tips for creating your own sleep sanctuary are sure to give you many peaceful nights and productive days to come. Sweet dreams!