21 Truly Relatable Points for Those of Us That Just Need More Sleep

Are you always feeling like you need more sleep – even when you’re getting the recommended minimum of 7 hours per night? Then you will definitely relate to these 21 all-too-real points from sleep lovers around the world.

1) Sleep is your favorite thing. It’s your Olympic sport. Heck, it’s your lifeblood, and you can never get too much of it.


2) Yet, sadly, the world is not created for you and your fellow sleep lovers.

3) You can squeak by on 8 hours of sleep per night, but it is far from the ideal situation.

4) When you only get 7 hours in bed each night, you are more than slightly dazed and confused the next day.

5) And if you get less than 7 hours of sack time, you walk around feeling as if you might melt into a puddle of exhausted goop at any moment.


6) You feel very strongly that doctors need to run their tests again – there is just no way that 7 hours of sleep a night is enough. Not when you need at least 9 to function!

7) When you don’t get enough sleep, you just aren’t yourself, and you feel as if truly horrible things will happen.

8) Even when you try to get to bed earlier, you find yourself tempted by all of that awesomeness out there on the Internet and in TV Land.


9) In a perfect world, you would sleep from midnight until 9 a.m. Or even stay up an hour later if you’re feeling especially wild.

10) But you’re always feeling sleep-deprived because the world says that you have to get down to business before 9 a.m. each morning. Why, world, why?!

11) You just don’t understand why our work days can’t run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’d all be much happier!

12) And since you’ll most likely be getting less than 9 hours of sleep per night (thanks, world work schedule!), you’ll inevitably need a nap after lunch.

13) Of course, sneaking off to catch some shut-eye at the office can be kinda tricky.

14) But that’s what breakrooms and bathroom stalls were made for, weren’t they? Desperate times, and all that…

15) You make good use of your weekends by reverting back to your natural sleep-loving state. Only crazy people would do anything other than sleep in on their days off, right?

16) But you must admit that you do have some social guilt when your alarm goes off on Monday morning and you realize that you never even got out of bed.


17) And you insist that any and all vacations must involve travel that does not begin before 7 a.m. After all, waking up early during a vacay totally defeats the purpose!

18) Nothing drives you crazier than hearing people brag about how they get up before dawn to hit the gym or work on the next great American novel.

19) Although you do have to admit that you’re starting to think the secret to being truly successful and powerful is only needing a few hours of sleep each night.

20) It may be true that you’ll never be a real “power player,” thanks to your need for more sleep.

21) But you’re one of the most powerful and successful nappers out there, and that counts for something, now doesn’t it? Sleep lovers unite!