Find out why Sam & Nia Love Lull!

Sam and Nia have a pretty big following on their YouTube channel that shares their life with kids Abram and Symphony.

In this video, Sam and Abram are at home alone, getting ready to surprise Nia with a brand new mattress from Lull when she gets home, since the mattress that they have now is old and causing back and neck pain, and needs to be replaced.

Sam shares how impressed he is by the fact that their new Lull mattress was delivered to their doorstep, and how the last time he bought a mattress he had to figure out a way to get it home since he doesn’t have a truck.

Sam and his adorable toddler Abram unbox the mattress together in the living room, and then Sam carries it to the bedroom where they put it on the bed frame and unroll it.

Abram is very impressed by the mattress inflating after the plastic is removed and can’t wait to get up there and try it out for himself.

He jumps up and down on the mattress and then takes a little trial rest with his dad, telling him that the mattress is very comfy, and no you can’t use me as a pillow, dad!

Nia comes home after a long day of running errands and is greeted with the news that the new mattress is all set up and ready for her. She crawls right in after telling her followers that she’s been up since before dawn.

Nia tells Sam and her audience that she loves the mattress, and says she loves the mattress and the fact that there is a 100-night free trial. If they don’t like it at anytime during the trial, Lull will pick it up for free and return their purchase price.

Nia also mentions that she feels like she isn’t “wobbling around” like with their old mattress, which helps a lot, especially since she’s pregnant with their third child.

Thanks to Sam and Nia (not to mention the adorable Abram) for sharing their Lull experience!