10 Sleep gifts to give this holiday

10 Sleep gifts to give this holiday

While you can’t magically wish for your loved ones to have their insomnia cured this year (or any year), you definitely can buy them presents that’ll help them sleep. While a premium memory foam mattress is our top recommendation, there are plenty of options that are easier on your wallet. These gifts will help them sleep more comfortably, develop a better bedtime routine, and wake up refreshed.

1. A weighted blanket.

If you have a little extra cash to spare and have someone who has trouble sleeping on your list, take a look at weighted blankets. Weighted blankets can be therapeutic and effective in calming you down. Plus, some people have described them as feeling like a light yet comforting hug!

2. An eye mask.

If you’ve been in their bedroom and wonder how they can sleep with those bright street lights so close by, maybe they might need an eye mask for an extra barrier. Sleep masks can cost as little as $10, are small enough to be a stocking stuffer, and come in various materials from cotton to silk.

3. A memory foam pillow.

If you pick Lull’s memory foam pillow, you don’t need to worry about what it looks like. You can throw any cover you want over the hypoallergenic, durable pillow. Regardless of whatever cover your recipient picks, you can count on them having something much softer and comfortable to lay their heads on. Bonus points for it having a cooling gel layer, so it’ll work out for those in hot climates.

4. A white noise machine.

White noise has been proven to help lull many people to sleep. While you can turn on a YouTube video of white noise, you don’t want to leave your phone running all night. Fortunately, there are machines specifically made to emit white noise, so you’re not falling asleep to complete silence. So if you’ve ever heard anyone mention needing some sound to sleep, check them out.

5. Sleep buds.

Ever fallen asleep with your headphones in? Fortunately, there are now earbuds made especially for sleep so you can comfortably drift off with them inside. Some earbuds are also programmed to play soothing noises such as white noise or sounds of nature. They also mask outside noise to keep disturbances out.

6. A humidifier.

A humidifier can transform the air in the room, making it easier to sleep and wake. Some humidifiers can also play ambient noises and softly light up the room, creating a relaxing environment.

7. A unique alarm clock.

Alarm clocks nowadays have advanced past a simple box with big digital numbers. Some alarms are full-on complex contraptions that light up, play sounds, and provide meditation guides such as the Hatch Smart Sleep Assistant.

8. Essential oils for sleep.

This is one of the more affordable, compact options on this list, making it an ideal stocking stuffer. Some essential oils, most notably lavender, can help calm you down. You can put a few drops in a diffuser or directly on your skin.

9. Sleep supplements.

Don’t worry; not all supplements come in the boring jars you see at drugstores. Some are nicely packaged to make an aesthetic gift, like this kit or a pack of these honey lemon drink mixes. If you don’t want to shell out the cash for a kit, a jar of melatonin or magnesium gummies with a trendy label also works. There’s another type of sleeping mask to put on your

10. The other kind of sleeping mask.

Face before bed, and this one covers your whole face. Sleeping masks are a form of skincare that nourishes your skin while you sleep, strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier. Your skin renews itself while you sleep, and these sleeping masks can give that natural process a boost. If you’ve never used one before, they won’t stain your pillows like traditional mud masks would, but rather absorb into your skin like a lotion.
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