15 Holiday Gifts for the Sleep Lovers in Your Life

15 Holiday Gifts for the Sleep Lovers in Your Life

Ah, sleep! Who doesn’t love cuddling up in bed and catching a few winks, especially during the hectic and chilly holiday season? Just about everyone (even those chipper morning people) can appreciate a blissful night spent in their bedroom sanctuary. So why not give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year with this list of 15 products that help them drift off into dreamland each night? You know that they’ll thank you!

1. Giant Sleep Mask Pillow

Block out unwanted light, indulge in some lavender-scented aromatherapy, and make a fashion statement with one of these customizable sleep masks and pillow combos.

2. Total Body Support Pillow

Know someone that would love head-to-toe comfort and support while they sleep? This body pillow molds to a sleeper’s shape, both front, and back, helping to reduce tossing and turning.

3. Sleep-Friendly Headphones

If one of your friends or family members enjoys being lulled to sleep by music, but hates the bulky headphones that came with their smartphone or music player, these babies will make their year!

4. Bacon Alarm Clock

Looking for an inexpensive but fun gift? Why not give them a little laugh in the morning by being awakened by an alarm clock that’s shaped like bacon and raps about the delicious meat strips?

5. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Set the mood for a peaceful sleep with this all-in-one humidifier and night light. Not only does it help to purify the air, but it also has a misting option that releases fragrance, as well as a mood light for the perfect ambient setting.

6. Dream Journal

During all the time that the sleep lovers in your life spend in bed, there’s bound to be at least a couple of memorable dreams. Help them keep track of what happens in dreamland with a journal made just for that purpose.

7. Super Comfy Slippers

Everybody knows about the benefits of memory foam mattresses and pillows, but you can also experience them on the go with these slippers. Give your loved ones the gift of walking on a cloud!

8. The Clapper (Yes, Seriously!)

Almost everyone knows about the joys of being able to “clap on, clap off” the lights, even if it’s just as a joke from the annals of TV commercial history. But believe it or not, this can be a great holiday gift for those that love spending time in bed. No more getting out of your sleep haven to deal with the lights – who wouldn’t love that?

9. Namast’ay in Bed Shirt

This comfy shirt is perfect for when people want to, well, stay in bed. Its loose fit and soft material mean that it can double as a shirt for going out or a pajama shirt for staying in (and loving it).

10. Wax Oils Aromatherapy Candles

With a wide variety of colors and scents, these candles make great-looking and functional gifts for sleep lovers. And they've been reported to reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation.

11. Memory Foam Nap Mat

If you have a friend or family member that loves to go camping or spends time having to sleep on the go, this portable sleep mat can help them catch some winks without giving up on their comfort. The memory foam material and built-in pillow make for great rest, no matter where you are.

12. Dream Doodles Coloring Book for Adults

Know someone that might be too stressed to get the sleep they need and want? Give them the gift of relaxation with this coloring book that helps to soothe temporary insomnia, while also creating beautiful art.

13. Motion-Activated Night Light

For the couples in your life, this under-the-bed night light that’s activated by their partner’s movements can help them get a good night’s sleep without the disruption of overhead lighting.

14. Side-Sleeping Pillow

What about the side sleepers you know, and the dreaded “where to put the arm” problem? Give them the gift of better sleep with this pillow, specially designed to comfort and support those that sleep on their side. Other great pillow options for sleep lovers in your life!

15. Galaxy Blanket

Who doesn’t love cuddling up for a quick nap on the couch? Give the gift of a style trend and super-soft snuggling with this blanket depicting an awe-inspiring nebula.
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