5 Tips for Forming Your 2021 Resolutions

5 Tips for Forming Your 2021 Resolutions

After a long and eventful year, 2020 is finally coming to a close. This hectic year has been filled with plenty of unforgettable emotional roller coasters that we’ll be able to leave behind in the dust. If you struggled to keep up with your resolutions this year, plenty of otherunderstand. 2020 has been so challenging in many ways. Fortunately, 2021 is likely to be a refreshing new chapter and another chance at a completely new set of resolutions. Assessing your responses to 2020’s events will hopefully have given you a better understanding of yourself, your abilities, and your limitations. If you’re still working on your resolutions, here are some factors to consider so you can feel proud of yourself as 2021 continues:

Take 2020 restrictions into account.

Although a successful vaccine is sweeping its way throughout the world, there are no hard guarantees on when it’ll be completely safe to have crowded gatherings and completely return to a 2019 lifestyle. If aspects of your resolutions hinge on something deeply affected by the pandemic, take this into consideration when setting up your strategy and expectations. For example, if your goal is to make 100 new LinkedIn connections, think about how you’ll get some of those through virtual events or through friends. If your goal is to go to the gym more, make a plan that’ll satisfy you if gyms don’t open up soon enough.

Make it measurable and specific.

It’s easy to throw out vague statements as “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get better sleep”. While the above are fantastic resolutions, adhering to such vague statements won’t work out for everyone. Sharpening them down to “I want to lose twenty pounds and be fit enough to successfully complete that hike that was very difficult last April” gives you a more concrete picture to chase.

Learn from your past.

What resolutions and general goals have you set before that didn’t work out? Why did they not work out? Think about all the internal and external factors that hampered or completely prevented past successes. Are any of them still around? Plenty of us unsuccessfully resolve to eat healthier but struggle due to lack of funds or time to prepare meals. Some of us are constantly surrounded by coworkers or housemates who offer tempting foods, such as boxes of scrumptious chocolate donuts to share. Some of us might be on the luckier side with friends who post irresistible, gorgeous photos of their healthy, nutritious salads all the time on social media. Of course, some of us are living with a mix of both. Making your resolutions more specific should take any limiting or conducive circumstances into account. If donut and munchies-loving roommates have been interfering with your goals to eat more greens, consider convincing them to lighten up their habits as well. If athletic friends have been asking you to accompany them on jogging sessions and to that eco-conscious brunch spot with the kale salads, consider saying yes more often.

Go in with a healthy mindset.

Think about why and for whom you’re setting these resolutions in the first place. On the surface, most resolutions are about improving your own life. However, self-improvement isn’t always for the most healthy reasons. Some of us are too busy trying to live up to the expectations of others and keeping up with social pressures that we’re neglecting our own unique, personal needs. Achieving a difficult resolution mainly for the purpose of pleasing others may not be effective in the long-run. Although making others happy can be rewarding, going overboard into self-effacing territory can be harmful to our relationships and mental health.

Get better sleep.

No matter what your resolutions are, sleeping well will undoubtedly set a much stronger foundation for achieving your goals. The benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are often immediately felt the day after, such as higher mental clarity, improved focus, and an overall good mood: all of which can open more doors along your journey, or at least more windows for some extra sunshine and rainbows. A fresh new mattress or sheets and pillows will make a tremendous difference in your ease of falling asleep in time. Fortunately, Lull’s premium memory foam mattresses will have you waking up to rejuvenated, well-rested days. For a limited time, save $250 on any mattress with our New Year's Resolution Sale and see why over 37,000 customers can’t stop talking about Lull!
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