3 Factors to Consider When Picking a Mattress Size

3 Factors to Consider When Picking a Mattress Size

One of the most important characteristics of a new mattress is its size. Choosing the right mattress size will impact how much space you have to roll around, how much space you’ll have in your room, and the space for whoever you’ll be sharing the bed with. Because mattresses usually last over 10 years, don’t just use your instincts to decide on the size of a new one. There are many factors to consider before checking out that queen or twin size mattress for both the short and the long run. Here’s some important lifestyle choices that should impact the size of your new mattress:

1. Anyone else that may be sharing the bed with you.

It can be disappointing when a new partner invites us to sleep over on a small twin bed. If you have a partner you’ll be expecting to share the bed with, a twin may not be ideal. A full size is the smallest size that comfortably fits two people, but not so much if one or more of them frequently moves around. Full size mattresses are often used for guest rooms, as their size can suit multiple people without taking up too much space. Twin beds are ideal for sleeping alone or just with a pet, unless there’s another reason why you need more space. King size beds are generally the choice for people who might have a kid and/or a pet sneaking in. Queen-sized mattresses are typically ideal for many couples, but you’ll have less space for each person than if each person were to occupy a single twin bed. So don’t forget to consider how often each person moves around and how physically close they prefer to sleep next to the other person. Don’t forget to consider typical sleeping positions as well.

2. Any other activities taking place on or close to the bed.

Is your bedroom just going to be a sleeping area? Or is it also your personal sanctuary for yoga, snacks, working from home, and getting ready to go out? If you live in a studio apartment, you’ll probably need space for a living room that you can, you know, live in. How often do you plan on having guests over? What activities do you expect to do together? Also consider what other activities will be taking place on the bed as well, whether it’s watching movies or having breakfast. Give yourself room to stretch and place items on.

3. Consider any future furniture and other objects set up nearby.

Do you plan on adding a TV or a new dresser anytime within the next few years? What about a new reclining chair? A new vanity? Don’t just look at the size of the new furniture alone, but also what you plan on doing with it. If you’re going to be singing and dancing in front of the vanity, make sure you’ve got an adequate amount of space to happily sing and dance your heart out!

4. The type of mattress you plan to get.

We mentioned tossing and turning earlier in this post, but that may not be the case if you choose a mattress that’s way more comfortable than what you already have. Lull’s memory foam mattresses are available in multiple sizes from twin to king and are loaded with 42000+ happy reviews. A cooling gel top layer will definitely help with keeping still. The materials absorb your motions so anyone sleeping next to you won’t be disturbed by your movement, thus cutting down on their movements! In other words, if you’re on the fence between a full or a queen or a queen and a king, the smaller size combined with amazing comfort and durability may deliver everything you need, leaving your room with more space for that big dresser or desk. With a 365-day free trial, you’ve got plenty of time to experience it for yourself!
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