4 Reasons to Consider a Metal Bed Frame

4 Reasons to Consider a Metal Bed Frame

Do you think a metal bed frame would add the right vibe to your room? After all, they’re often polished, slim, chic, and can be shaped in a variety of aesthetic ways. Metal frames are both aesthetic and practical, but the choice to pick them over wood depends on your circumstances and preferences. So here are four reasons you might want to pick that stylish metal frame over the cute wooden frame:
  • Less worry of termites and environmental degradation.

A metal frame might be able to hold up better against the forces of nature. Of course, this is entirely dependent on the nature of where you live. If your area is prone to termites and humidity, metal might bring you less inconvenience. Because of this, metal frames are typically more low-maintenance. They’re also generally more fire-proof as well.
  • Easier to set up.

Does the thought of assembling furniture make you sweat without even lifting a finger? Metal frames are often lighter and easier to assemble. So if you accidentally drop a part on yourself, you’re less likely to shout in pain than if you were assembling a wooden frame.
  • Better for certain aesthetics and vibes.

Wood is associated with nature, making a wooden frame more suitable for a rustic or boho ambiance. But if you’re going for a polished modern look, the clean and polished lines of a metal frame might lend more to this. It’s also fitting for a futuristic or glamorous look if you’re looking to go there.
  • Better for your bank account.

For a variety of reasons, metal frames are generally less costly than wooden ones. So if your bank account is a significant factor in guiding your hand, a metal frame might be more likely to fit your budget. And if that budget’s fine with the prices of $149-$249, you might want to check out Lull’s metal frame and join the 900+ happy reviewers. As supported by our points above, the durable frame takes minutes to assemble and won’t make noise when you move. Its simple design makes it perfect for the minimalists out there, especially if you need to store your stuff underneath. And while you’re at it, check out our $250 off all premium memory foam mattresses!
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