4 Ways Sleep Can Make You Happier

4 Ways Sleep Can Make You Happier

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep helps you feel better the next day. “Better” is a broad term that encompasses a million positive feelings in this case: you’re more alert, focused, and overall just feeling more alive. Sometimes you might notice that you’re also happier, and this article touches on that part. How is sleep connected to happiness? Here are four different perspectives that explore how getting that precious 7-9 hours of sleep will help you get the most joy out of life:

1. Enjoy the fruits of your brainy work.

If a good chunk of your pride is your academic and intellectual achievements, getting enough sleep instead of pulling all-nighters could make it more likely you’ll achieve some brag-worthy work. It’s already been proven that better sleep helps strengthen your focus and memory, which are crucial parts of the foundation to writing that new novel or a student thesis. So next time you dream about being the first in your class, developing a compelling marketing campaign, or writing that best-selling novel, let it all serve as motivation to hit the hay on time! Think of it this way: the more time you give yourself to actually dream, the more likely these dreams will come true.

2. Stay positive in tough situations.

If your life circumstances often have you running into stressful issues and successfully solving them brings you joy, this one’s especially for you. One telling characteristic of any individual is their ability to handle stressful, conflicted situations. Ever landed in a mess with a friend who was excessively stressed out and temperamental? Maybe they didn’t get enough sleep! Sleep deprivation is quite associated with relatively high stress and irritability. When you’re more well-rested, you’re generally less on edge, making it more likely you’ll handle gritty situations with finesse. A study showed that sleep-deprived brains instinctively reacted 60% more negatively to neutral-to-negative stimuli. One scientific explanation behind this is that sleep recharges your rationally-oriented prefrontal cortex, strengthening its power to keep your amygdala in check. The amygdala is the part of your brain responsible for your emotional “flight or fight” responses. Having these responses tempered by your rational side helps you see the situation through a wider lens.

3. Confidence through looking good.

If you’re not quite feeling yourself when looking in the mirror after an all-nighter, that’s completely normal. Sleep deprivation can roughen up our physical appearance, particularly our skin’s moisture balance. Over time, sleeping well boosts collagen production and skin cell regeneration. So get that beauty sleep, because no one looks selfie ready with dark circles and bags under their eyes!

4. Enjoy better social connections.

Whether you’re an introvert with a small circle of friends or a social butterfly hosting Zoom parties every week, being more well-rested definitely better prepares you for navigating any social interaction. How? Just look at our above points in this article. Socializing takes confidence and poise, which are more likely to come naturally with a well-rested, emotionally balanced mind and a moisturized face you can admire in the mirror. Feeling motivated to get some good sleep yet? If so, here’s a tip to help you get started: get a premium memory foam mattress and some high-quality bedding for extra motivation. You’re in luck: Lull is offering you $250 off any size memory foam mattress. Check out the force behind 41200+ happy reviews and see how you can take a step towards the happiness you deserve!
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