4 Ways Sleep Will Make You Healthier 

4 Ways Sleep Will Make You Healthier 

What if you were granted access to a solution that would seriously improve your mental and physical health in just a few weeks, requires little hard work and no dieting, has to be followed through every night, and is totally free? You would take it, right? That free solution is adequate sleep, and you probably know by now that not everyone chooses to sleep the optimal hours they need. Think of sleep as your body recharging: the longer you’re plugged in, the more power you get. There’s a myriad of reasons why this delightful, relaxing method of gradually improving your health isn’t the easiest choice for everyone, but that’s a topic for another day. Don’t worry, our blog has plenty of tips on making good sleep your norm. Regardless of the reasons why you’re not hitting the hay in time to get those precious benefits, something that’ll always help is an incentive to get yourself moving down the right path. Since you’re probably concerned about your health, here’s a few ways that getting a good night’s sleep can give you a noticeable mental and physical boost that might change your life:

1. You’ll develop better eating habits.

Need some diet help? Rather than purchasing a fancy plan, try getting more sleep! Studies show that people who slept over 7 hours a night had relatively higher levels of leptin (the chemical that makes you feel full) and lower levels of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you hungry. It’s no wonder that sleep has been negatively correlated with weight gain. While it can’t substitute a balanced diet, it can help curb the cravings that’ll further throw you off balance.

2. You’ll have a sharper brain.

If you’re still working on those New Year's Resolutions, a sharper brain will likely expedite your journey. It’s no surprise that getting an adequate amount of sleep boosts your mental stamina and focus just the next day. Imagine day after day of peak brain performance. Maybe you’ll finally solve those Sudoku puzzles and help launch a major transformation at work.

3. You’ll be at lower risk for many illnesses.

Let’s pivot back to physical health. Getting adequate sleep in the long run is correlated with lower risk for diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. As the body recuperates, your heart rate slows and blood pressure stabilizes. This gives time for the heart to rest, giving it time to recharge as well as the rest of you. So if you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t give your heart a good amount of time with that precious REM sleep it needs. As a result, it’s more likely to be weak and fail to function properly, leading to chest pain, irregular heartbeats, strokes, and even heart attacks. You know how your brain isn’t quite as sharp when you’ve only had two hours of sleep? Now imagine your heart bearing the same burden. Here’s more details on the trouble you might be wreaking on your heart if you’ve been sleeping 4 hours a night.

4. You’ll be more athletic.

If you’ve been working on a new dance routine or are determined to run a mile in five minutes, getting more sleep could be the performance enhancer you need. Sleep won’t give you an adrenaline rush or energize you like caffeine would, rather it gives you time for your muscles to relax and recuperate. As you sleep, your muscles are repairing the tears you gained during exercise. Lack of sleep can wear down your motivation and focus, slowing down your reaction times. That’s pretty detrimental to some athletic endeavors, so maybe read up on one of our posts on how to sleep better rather than one about the best energy drink or supplements. Another thing to check out would be a new mattress, especially one that’s currently going through an unbeatable sale: a Lull mattress, crafted with premium memory foam to support and comfort your body. Wake up refreshed, energized, and rejuvenated by saving $250 when you upgrade to a Lull Mattress. A healthier you starts with your sleep. Experience endless bedtime benefits when you choose the Lull Mattress, designed with comfort, support, and durability in mind.
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