5 Must-Haves For Your College Dorm

5 Must-Haves For Your College Dorm

Written by: Lull Team



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Ah, the infamous transition from home life to college life. From home-cooked meals to the dining commons, from strict curfews to “it’s only 2 AM,” from your beloved bedroom and mattress at home... to a shoebox crammed with 1-2 more people. Packing for college is a time of bittersweet emotions and a whole lot of confusion. Packing up your life and moving into a cozy 100 square feet space may have you asking yourself: what do I need to bring? Am I bringing enough? Am I bringing too much? How can I make this place feel more like home? We may not have all of the answers, but as far as dorm room essentials, here are 5 things that are an absolute must-have in every college dorm room:

Storage, Storage, Storage

With your tight living situation comes minimal storage, so bringing your own is definitely a necessity. You may not have had to think about it until now, but all of your stuff needs a place to go, and the two drawers in your dorm closet will not suffice. Proper storage is crucial in keeping your items organized, and away from mixing with your roommates' (especially if you’re really not into sharing). Plastic containers and drawers that can be squeezed in those little empty corners of space, or under your bed, will truly go a long way. You can never have enough storage, trust us.

Daily Planner

College life can become extremely hectic. With classes, clubs, activities, and social events, it’s hard to balance all of your plans without keeping a record. Getting yourself either a paper or whiteboard planner that you can display on your desk, wall, door, etc. is a quick fix to any stress that may come along with balancing your life. Plus, planners can be fun! Grab a bunch of different colored pens to color coordinate certain events, or even put some drawings on it and use it as a decoration! You may not know it yet, but a planner can become your saving grace when you realize you suddenly have an exam and a ten-page paper due next week.

Photos and Personal Memories

Leaving home can be difficult, especially when you feel like you’re leaving behind cherished memories. Make sure to bring any photos or personal items that make you smile, or even take the time to print out some of your favorite photos with your friends and family before you leave. You can use photos as decoration by pinning them to your walls, putting some on your desk or even making a collage! Having the momentos will help with the transition by making your dorm feel a little more like home.

Electric Kettle

This is the one and only cooking gadget you’ll need for your dorm room. Even if you weren’t big on cooking in high school, you’ll find yourself missing having a kitchen. Although an electric kettle can’t make a full home-cooked meal, it’s great for making tea or coffee in the morning, or even mac and cheese and instant noodles for any late-night cravings. We can promise that you’ll find a time when an electric kettle will come in handy.

Best Quality bedding

Any college student will tell you the sleep deprivation struggle is real. Those stiff cardboard-like mattresses the school provides, if you can even call them mattresses, just won’t cut it. Studies have shown that sleep is extremely crucial in maintaining physical and mental health, as well as keeping your grades in check. There’s a direct relationship between your quality of sleep and your GPA, so do yourself a favor and make sure you have the best twin XL mattress. You can brag to your roommates about all the amazing sleep you’ll be getting. Moving away from home and realizing that you’ll have to start taking care of yourself is definitely daunting, but it’s a transition that many of us have made, survived, and even enjoyed. With the right dorm room essentials, you’ll be more than ready to conquer your freshman year of college!