5 Reasons A Mattress Foundation Can Help You Sleep

5 Reasons A Mattress Foundation Can Help You Sleep

Written by: Lull Team



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We’ve raved over and over again on this site of the wonders of sleeping on the right mattress, but what about what’s beneath that mattress? Beneath our customers’ mattresses often lay sturdy mattress foundations that further boost the benefits of that premium memory foam. Mattress foundations come in a variety of materials and styles, all with the goal of better supporting your mattress and by extension, you. They’re typically the fabric-covered slatted wooden and metal boxes you see between mattresses and bed frames. Sometimes, the bed’s just composed of the mattress and the foundation alone. Foundations vary in height but are generally around five to nine inches. Whichever foundation gives you the right boost depends on your preferences and your mattress. Here are five reasons that different types of foundations can help you sleep:

1. Some foundations are taller than average, really giving you a height boost.

As stated, mattress foundations can vary in height, with some being well over nine inches. Some even have legs and can be used in place of a bed frame altogether, saving you some money while giving you that lift. If laying way above the floors helps lull you to sleep, a tall foundation with or without a frame can help take you there.

2. Foundations absorb wear and shock.

A sturdy mattress foundation helps the mattress stay upright and grounded even if you move around, helping to maintain its composure. A mattress shifting around on a frame or floor can gradually increase its wear, so a proper foundation can keep your mattress looking and feeling spiffy for a longer time.

3. They distribute weight across the mattress.

The foundation’s impact helps to cushion the mattress against sagging in the short and long run from your weight. This improves the support you get from your mattress, making it even less likely you’ll wake up aching.

4. They literally lift you away from the dirt and germs of the floor.

A practical reason for sleeping well above the floor is to be as far away from the dirt and germs as you can. This can protect you from allergens and overall sickness, further amplifying the numerous health benefits you’re already getting from (adequate) sleep. Still sweep and vacuum your floor anyway!

5. They improve airflow underneath the bed.

More height offers more airflow, which can help cool down the mattress. This is especially useful for those of you looking to save on the A/C, live in hot climates, and experience hot flashes. Cooler temperatures are generally more conducive to sleep anyway, as they resemble the drop in body temperature you experience when you’re asleep. If you’re considering a new mattress foundation, fortunately, you’re on the right site. Lull doesn’t just offer amazing memory foam mattresses in all sizes, but also foundations and bed frames for extra support. The foundations are crafted with high-quality wood and wrapped in a luxurious grey fabric, its slatted design built for maximum airflow. Don’t worry about the assembling process: it just takes about five minutes to put together. It’ll only tack on more time if you choose to get a set of legs for as low as $49 to make a platform bed!