5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed

Remember being a kid and being lectured at for not making your bed? If you don’t remember why it’s important to make your bed, here’s a refresher: making your bed has some benefits beyond simply making your room better looking. A neater-looking bed (that’s only going to get messed up within 15 hours again) may seem trivial, but it can positively affect your day. Making your bed only takes less than 5 minutes but its positive effects can last for hours, subtly making your daily activities a little easier. What’s the connection between your bed and running an errand with no beds involved? It’s all emotional, but it’s there. If boosting how you feel isn’t enough of an incentive for you, there are some practical benefits as well. Here are some reasons why you should set aside an extra few minutes to make your bed when you wake up:

1. Keeps Your Bed Clean

Making your bed includes covering it with your comforter, sheets, and duvet, which can protect the surface you’re laying on. Even if it’s just for a day, you never know what could spill on your beloved mattress or what a pet could do.

2. Promotes Better Everyday Habits

Even if making your bed is just one seemingly small habit, it can help you be more consistent with other habits. If you’re looking for a new habit to implement, this could be a useful one to add to help keep you in line. It’s a quick way to feel more like a proactive person overall, which could lead to more proactive behavior later on in your personal activities and work. Think of it like a chain reaction!

3. Sets a More Organized, Less Cluttered Mood in Your Room

If you’re working from home in your bedroom, a made bed means you’re working in a more organized environment. Just like having a tidy desk, the appearance of a tidier, more organized room can subconsciously help make you feel more mentally organized, even if a million thoughts are bouncing back and forth. Maybe that’s why making your bed is correlated with better productivity!

4. Maintains the Structure and Shape of Your Sheets

Your bedding is susceptible to a ton of wrinkles, and leaving them in their unmade state will only solidify these wrinkles further. When your bed is made, your bedding is smoothed out, giving your bedding a longer lifespan in both looks and function.

5. It Just Feels Nice to Come Home To

You probably know how subtly comforting it feels to come home to a tidy home after a long day at work. If you’re spending most of your time anywhere outside your bedroom, even if it’s just your living room, seeing your neater bedroom at the end of the day or throughout the day can subtly communicate a sense of peace and calmness rather than chaos. To get a better sense of what we’re describing here, reminisce on those moments when you walked into your hotel rooms on vacation. You don’t have to make your bed every single day or get on the level of a 5-star hotel to gain some of the benefits above. These benefits may seem subtle, but remember, making your bed only takes a few minutes. Who knows, maybe even a subtle change in your mood can make a difference over time. Maybe cleaning your home more might uncover something you wouldn’t have found otherwise, such as a trinket under the couch. Maybe you’ll feel more inspired to make a life-changing decision, moved by your stronger sense of productivity. If you need a little extra motivation to make your bed, it might help to upgrade to your perfect mattress. Fortunately, you can save $150 on any memory foam mattress with Lull’s Fall Flash Sale. Find out for yourself with over 36,000 customers can’t stop raving about their Lull Mattress!
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