5 Reasons to Sleep on Memory Foam

5 Reasons to Sleep on Memory Foam

If you’ve gotten to know our products here at Lull, you know that one of our major selling points is that our mattresses are made with the highest quality memory foam. But wait, what exactly is memory foam and why should you choose it over a traditional spring mattress? Memory foam is made of polyurethane, a versatile plastic polymer that is both viscous and elastic. That’s how they’re able to mold to our unique bodies. True to its name, memory foam retains the “memory” of your body laying upon it, retaining your imprint even after you’ve gotten off. This adaptation is known for how soft and comfortable it feels, often described as “sleeping on a cloud”. While memory foam mattresses obviously feel much more comfortable and luxurious than traditional mattresses, that’s not the only reason to choose one. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should make the switch to memory foam:

1. Fewer aches and pains.

The viscosity of memory foam mattresses promotes more neutral spine alignments, which can help with reducing the amount of chronic back pain you may typically feel. Sleeping in a position unnatural to your spine can contribute to aches after you wake. Traditional mattresses also place extra pressure on certain points of your body whereas memory foam relieves pressure points. It’s no surprise that memory foam mattresses are popular with patients with arthritis and fibromyalgia! It gets even better: Lull’s Memory Foam Mattresses are rated the Best Mattress for Back Pain in 2020 by U.S. News & World Report. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and achy back pain.

2. You won’t feel as much disturbance from a sleeping partner.

If someone sharing the bed with you is tossing and turning, you’re much less likely to be woken up at 4 AM if you’re sleeping on memory foam. Memory foam absorbs surface movement where it happens so it doesn’t affect the other parts of the mattress and promotes even motion distribution.

3. Fewer disturbances by dust mites.

Dust mites have plenty of spaces to burrow in traditional mattresses, leaving plenty of fecal matter. A lot of people are allergic to this, which could exacerbate existing allergies. Memory foam is anti-microbial, scaring off dust mites for a cleaner sleeping surface.

4. It cools you down during hot nights.

Have you ever been too hot to sleep, contributing to too much tossing and turning? Memory foam mattresses can be made with material that allows for more open air circulation within the mattress, which can transfer heat away from the body. Lull’s Mattresses are made with a gel top layer designed with advanced temperature regulating technology so you can sleep cool in the summers and stay warm in the winters.

5. They don’t make a lot of noise.

It’s no surprise that the ultra-soft material doesn’t make too much noise if you move around or get up. Without any springs, you don’t have to worry about any squeaking and waking anyone up when you move. If you’re convinced that upgrading to memory foam is the way to go, make sure you upgrade to the best memory foam mattress: Lull! Lull Mattresses are made with non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials and three layers of the highest quality materials to guarantee your ultimate comfort and support.Getting a Lull will deliver ultimate rejuvenation and pain relief without breaking the bank -- Black Friday deals start NOW, save $250 on any Lull Mattress! No long lines, no crowded stores, just place an order online and have your new favorite mattress arrive to your doorstep with no-contact, free delivery. If you’re looking to improve your sleep, choosing a more comfortable, durable, memory foam mattress might just be the right choice for your health and your body. Getting enough high quality sleep promotes a happier, healthier lifestylea whole host of benefits during the day. You never know what wonderful changes will come until you give memory foam a try.
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