5 Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

5 Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

Ever wonder why 4-7 AM seems to be a common waking time on a lot of motivational social media accounts? That’s because it’s common for a lot of successful entrepreneurs to wake up early. Studies have found that early birds tend to be more proactive in life. This doesn’t mean that you have to wake up early to start a multimillion dollar business, but it’s possible that it might help. If it’s viable for you wake up earlier than you already are (assuming you aren’t getting up at the crack of dawn), here’s a few reasons to consider setting your alarm just 30-60 minutes back:

1. Uninterrupted time to yourself.

If you live and work with others, waking up before they do can give you some needed peace and quiet away from them. That means you’ll have time to work on anything you want before your boss calls you, your roommate turns the TV on, or your spouse wants you to cook for them. If you can wake up just 30 minutes earlier than the people you normally interact with, getting some personal zen time can help you recharge at your own will.

2. Get up before peak traffic.

If you need to commute, waking up earlier might help shave off some time spent driving if it means you can dodge peak traffic. This will save you time and a lot of stress, lightening the mental load you’ll be bringing into the office. Of course, get the thumbs up from your office that it’s okay to come in earlier.

3. Get over that sleep inertia before officially starting your day.

Do you feel groggy for several minutes or more after you wake up? Getting up earlier before you need to do anything mandatory gives you more of a window to clear your head before taking on anything requiring substantial mental ability. If you’re working from home and your meetings start at 8, getting up at 7 instead of 7:30 will give you an extra few moments to scroll through Instagram, watch TV, make a nutritious breakfast, or indulge in whatever you want to rev up your brain for the day. This way, you’ll be sailing at full speed the moment you start working.

4. Give yourself more time to cook healthy food.

To elaborate a little more on that “make a nutritious breakfast” point from #3, we can’t stress it enough. Spending 20 minutes of time and effort to construct a nutrient-rich shake, scramble, or sandwich in the mornings is more difficult than grabbing something from Starbucks all the time, but it pays off later on in your body and in your bank account. Seriously, eating out less and cooking your own can save you hundreds of $$$ a month, enough for a few concert tickets!

5. You’ll have a more positive mood overall.

Studies have actually found that getting up earlier is associated with having a lower rate of recurring negative thoughts. And if you’ve read our previous points, that’ll include fewer worries that your takeout’s been denting your bank account too much or about the visible bags under your eyes at your 8:30 am meeting. If you’re thinking “well, these seem like great reasons to get up earlier, but how am I going to go to sleep early enough to accomplish this?” Aside from reading our several blog posts on how you can fall asleep faster, you can also check out our $250 off Labor Day Sale on our mattresses! With over 43500+ reviews scoring a 4.6 on average, it’s tried and tested that our mattresses are made for falling asleep like a baby.
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