5 Reasons You Should Go to Bed Early on New Year’s Eve

5 Reasons You Should Go to Bed Early on New Year’s Eve

Written by: Lull Team



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New Year’s Eve has long been known as a day for staying up late and partying the night away. But these 5 very good (and very funny) reasons for skipping the festivities for some solid sack time might just get you to trade in your fancy duds for PJs, and your night on the town for your own bed.

1. Getting a Productive Start to the First Day of the New Year

When it comes to getting the best start to the New Year, most people would be in agreement that it doesn’t involve hangovers and spending the day in misery. No, the true sign of a new year getting off to the right start is by being able to get up refreshed and taking some steps to a newer, better you. If you go to bed early on New Year's Eve, you can get to the gym and stake your claim before it’s taken over by those on the “get in shape bandwagon” as they make their appearance in the two weeks after the holiday. And by the time you finish working out on the first day of 2017, there will be plenty of time left over to do whatever your heart desires!

2. No Pressure for the Perfect Midnight Kiss

The countdown to 2017 is only five minutes away, and you realize that everyone else at the party has paired off. Even your socially awkward friends have found a New Year’s kiss partner. Midnight is rapidly approaching, and you start to wonder how deep the humiliation of being the only one that doesn’t share a kiss with someone at the start of the new year will be…and then the next thing you know, it’s all over. You now find yourself alone and unkissed, and wishing that you had skipped the party and just turned in early. A good night’s sleep has to be better than this!

3. You Won’t Waste Time Watching a Ball Drop

The tradition of watching a big ball drop in the middle of Times Square from your living room across the country has to rank right up there with the excitement of watching paint dry. And it’s even worse if you’re not in the Eastern time zone – by the time you see that ball go down, the new year is already old news. If that isn’t enough to encourage you to exchange boredom for a good night’s rest, think about all of the low-grade celebs that you’ll have to hear describe how awesome being in Times Square for the ball drop is and how amazing their new year is going to be. Your dreams are definitely an improvement upon that!

4. More Time to Come Up with New Year’s Resolutions

Not heading out to party on New Year’s Eve can give you a serious edge on the people cramming into clubs and overcrowded living rooms to drink the night away. You can get an early start on the new year like we already discussed, and you’ll also have some extra time to come up with the best resolutions for you in the coming year. If you go out on New Year’s Eve, you know that a lot of the focus of the forced small talk will be on your resolutions, and the competition will be still to outperform each other in self-improvement. If you stay home instead, the only one you have to worry about impressing is your cat. Just remember that they’re known for those super judgmental looks!

5. No Worries About Starting the New Year on the Wrong Foot

Just think about it – what’s the worst thing that could happen to you if you decide to stay home and turn in early on New Year’s Eve? Your homemade nachos might not come out cheesy enough for you. As painful as that might sound, it pales in comparison to making a fool out of yourself in public when you have a bit too much to drink and decide to dance on the table while singing Auld Lang Syne. Or something even more humiliating like telling your best friend what you really think of their new spouse after your fifth or sixth glass of champagne. All in all, keeping the company of your bed and those less-than-ideal nachos sounds like a much better idea, doesn’t it? After these 5 good reasons to skip the party in favor of catching some Zs, you might just decide that New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to get started with your resolution to get better sleep. It certainly sounds much more appealing to us!