5 Ways Sleep Makes Your Skin Look Better

5 Ways Sleep Makes Your Skin Look Better

Anyone who’s taken a good look in the mirror after just one night of sleep deprivation knows the toll of it on your skin. Under Eye bags are a dead giveaway. It’s no wonder why so many cosmetic companies market undereye concealers by promising a “yes, I DID sleep 8 hours last night” look. If your skincare routine isn’t giving you the results you’re looking for, maybe getting some quality sleep can be your next step. Studies have actually shown that quality sleep whittles away your apparent age. So if you’re worrying about those wrinkles, consider some lifestyle changes to get to bed on time. What’s the connection between quality sleep and flawless skin anyway? Here’s a few ways getting a good night’s sleep is essential to skin that slays:

1. Sleep helps your skin retain moisture.

There’s a reason why people who moisturize tend to look younger and fresher longer. Moisture retention is incredibly important to a skin’s elasticity, youthfulness, and overall appearance. Sleep strengthens the outer barrier of the skin, the part that’s responsible for that moisture retention. So don’t forget to buy that moisturizer and supercharge it with sleep!

2. Sleep is conducive to growth hormone production.

If you’ve ever met someone that hasn’t aged since 1998, there’s a good chance that they’re producing a lot of growth hormones. The human body secretes growth hormones during the first few hours of sleep, hormones that help the skin retain thickness. This helps maintain collagen and elasticity, which means you won’t develop as many wrinkles or sagging.

3. Sleep will help prevent dark circles under your eyes.

This is generally the most visually apparent consequence and can follow as quickly as the morning after a 5-hour sleep session. This is because blood and fluid pools in the blood vessels below the eye, vessels which also become dilated. It also makes your skin paler, increasing the transparency into those dark tissues and blood under your eyes. If you didn’t get much sleep last night and want to reduce the look of puffy eyes, place cool tea bags over those bags. Then read one of our blog posts on how you can prevent this in the future!

4. Sleep will make you feel less stress.

We’ve mentioned many times on this blog on how quality sleep can mitigate stress, such as lowering cortisol. Turns out stress can wear out skin too. If you’re stressed, not only will your facial expressions and tense behavior be less attractive, your skin’s not going to glow as much either. Stress keeps your body in a more inflammatory state, which can break down the proteins that keep your skin glowing.

5. Sleep helps keep up your blood circulation.

The more energized you feel, the more your blood circulates around your body. Blood circulation doesn’t just energize you, but gives your skin a flushed, more pigmented, and healthier look. This means you’ll look cuter for your crush and have more energy to ask them out!
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