5 ways to determine your ideal bed height

5 ways to determine your ideal bed height

Have you ever slept on a mattress on the floor? What about a high-rise bed? If you’ve experienced a range of bed heights, you’ll probably notice a difference between how it feels laying on the bed as well as getting on and off. So why might you feel this way and what’s the best bed height for you?

Here are a few factors to consider when picking your bed height:

     1. How do you feel about getting on the bed?

Unless it’s you’re actively seeking it out, climbing on your bed shouldn’t be an athletic feat. Even if you ARE looking for a workout as you climb on the bed, this might not be sustainable especially if you’re going to come home after a long night of drinking. If you’re at risk of mobility issues, please take this into consideration as well. 

    2.  How do you feel getting off the bed?

Getting off the bed shouldn’t be a steep fall. While some height can help wake you up in the morning, this may be unsafe in the long run. If your feet still dangle when you sit at the edge of the bed, it may be too tall for you. Most beds are at a height where their owner can comfortably sit with their knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

If you’re getting a bed for someone else, consider their age. If they’re elderly or are very young, a bed that’s too high may be even more difficult to work with. A bed that’s too low may place too much pressure on your knees when you climb off. 

     3. How do you feel laying on the bed?

Do you feel like you’ll be fine if you fall off? Are you too close or too far from the ceiling? How does everything look in every sleeping position? How long does it take for your feet to touch the ground when you get off? If anything feels the slightest bit uncomfortable like if you’re sliding a bit when you’re stepping off, you’re at the wrong height. If you think that it’s something you can just get over -- remember that you’re going to be dealing with this every day. 

     4. Who else is sharing the bed with you?

Whether it’s a human or a pet, don’t forget to take their consideration into account! Think about how much effort it’ll take for your pet to jump on the bed. You won’t always have the availability or energy to pick them up every time they’d like to get on the bed. If you really need the bed to be at a taller height that happens to not be a fit for your partner or pet, consider placing some steps at the foot of the bed in a safe spot. 

     5. Do you want to get a mattress foundation?

If you’re considering a mattress foundation, this will alter the height of the bed. Mattress foundations help mattresses better support you, absorb wear and shock, improve airflow underneath the bed, and more. Here’s our thoughts on the benefits of using a mattress foundation. Foundations come in varying heights and materials, so whichever one you pick will have an impact on your bed height. 

Lull’s mattress foundation is 8 inches high and made with high-quality wood. If you’re not sure whether that height is ideal for you, you’re welcome to try it out for 100 days completely free!

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