6 Benefits of Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

6 Benefits of Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve been reading our blog posts, you might have noticed that we’ve emphasized how beneficial getting a good night’s sleep is. A good night’s sleep is essential to healthy living, a fun staycation, and productivity. But why is sleep so vital to so many aspects of our waking life? It turns out that being well-rested impacts the outcome of many of our activities. The hours of sleep we get seriously influence our physical and mental state throughout our day. Here are some specific reasons why you should work on getting those 7-9 hours of quality sleep for a healthy life:

You’ll be able to focus better.

You’ve probably felt the effects of sleep deprivation on your working life. If you were tossing and turning until 5 AM the night before, chances are it’s much harder to concentrate and be productive throughout the day. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to errors at work. You definitely don’t want that! Studies also show that a good night’s sleep is positively associated with improved selective attention. Although the exact biological mechanisms behind this are unclear, it is clear that sleep is pretty beneficial to accurate and productive work, driving cars, and even playing sports.

You’ll be more athletic.

Sleeping your way to becoming more athletic sounds like a dream, right? Well, studies have shown that better sleep does lead to improved athletic performance. Of course, you’ll still need to seriously train your way to that 5-minute mile or shooting 20 hoops in a row, but getting enough sleep will definitely give this training a boost. Since success in a lot of athletic endeavors requires a lot of focus, such as closely watching where the ball is in a tennis match, it’s no surprise that something focus-boosting would positively influence this. Sleep also helps you develop faster reactions, giving you more of a competitive edge in a lot of sports.

You’ll feel happier.

Better sleep is linked to better moods and less depression. Sleep’s impact on mood was found to have a stronger link than the reverse, your mood’s effects on sleep quality. Many of us experience better productivity and performance when we’re happier, so that mood boost can go a long way.

Your immune system will be stronger.

Less sleep has been linked to lower immune responses even just after one night of sleep deprivation. This is why study participants who slept less than 7 hours a night were 3 times as likely to be afflicted by a cold than those who slept more than the ideal 8 hours a night. This was taking into account other factors such as demographics, season, and health conditions. According to research, getting quality sleep is linked to a stronger immune system. Who doesn’t want to be healthy?!

You’ll have a better social life.

Social interactions tend to flow better when you’re more emotionally tempered. You probably are happier interacting with people who are also happy, so it’s no surprise your mood impacts the quality of your social interactions. Good sleep can improve the way you personally express yourself. Lacking sleep can make your voice sound monotonous and give you a harder time recognizing other people’s expressions, which can dull your social interactions and make teamwork harder. So get to bed on time to be the best team player you can be!

It’s easier to try harder doing just about anything.

Do you find it exhausting to cook a simple lunch sometimes? Maybe you were sleep-deprived! Studies show that sleeping well makes it easier to put in effort in pretty much everything that requires some mental or physical effort. That’s because when you’re more well-rested, a lot of tasks just feel easier. So whether you need a push to pursue a new project or to make those TikToks you’ve been planning, a few extra hours of quality sleep rather than more caffeine might be the key to your success! ---- Isn’t it amazing that doing a little more of something we already love so much has all these benefits? So if anyone ever asks you why you’re going to bed 2 hours earlier than usual, you can tell them you’re investing in your everyday physical and mental health. But wait! Sleeping isn’t 100% effortless. Sometimes, sleeping on the wrong mattress can hinder our efforts to get enough sleep. So why not give a premium memory foam Lull Mattress a try without breaking the bank -- check out Lull’s Staycation Sale today! For a limited time, get $150 off your new favorite mattress and enjoy amazing nights (and daytime naps) of sleep for a great price and wake up to a healthier day, every day. Need to try before you commit? Enjoy a 100 night risk-free trial to see what benefits a better mattress and better sleep can bring to you! Find out why over 35,000 customers are obsessed with their Lull Mattress, so you can reap the benefits of great sleep too!
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