6 Habit Changes to Start 2021 Off Right

6 Habit Changes to Start 2021 Off Right

Most of us are understandably hoping that 2021 will be a better year than 2020. While the year’s events may largely be out of our control, there are still some decisions we can voluntarily make to ensure some sparks of joy and a healthy sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment. For a lot of us, 2021 marks the beginning of a fresh start and a new chapter in life. We’re aiming to make it as purposeful and satisfying as we safely can until we wait for the world to regain its sparkle. Aside from helping you keep your New Year’s Resolutions, there are some helpful habit changes you can make to start 2021 off the right way. Here’s some of our suggestions to keep making 2021 your year:

1. Review what happened last year.

Learning from the past is essential to understand our progress and current status in life. Some retrospective self-reflection can help you understand why you made the mistakes you made, what to do and what not to do this time around. What did you accomplish and how? What obstacles did you encounter? How did you feel once your goal was reached?

2. Work on your easier resolutions first.

Does your list look overwhelming? Do you think you’re going to fizzle out on your motivation after a few weeks, or be held back by too much anxiety to even initiate the process? Starting with an easier resolution might help. Your success can help motivate you towards tackling the more difficult resolutions, as you’ve already gotten a good workout conquering a smaller battle. Feeling just a little success can prime you for bigger and bigger successes ahead.

3. Work on that work-life balance.

Any resolution is so much harder to stick to when you’re overworked and exhausted. Find a way to ensure that your work doesn’t interfere with your personal life more than it needs to without compromising your performance.

4. Discover something new.

Did you know that adding novel elements to your life helps to slow down time? By slowing down time, you will feel as if you have more time to do the things that make you happy. Add some novelty to your life, whether it’s a new hobby, destination, book, or even just some on-trend outfits to wear outside. This is a change that usually won’t take a lot of time and effort to make but helps give the new year that “new chapter” vibe.

5. Learn to be more positive.

We know, we know, shifting towards a more positive attitude isn’t as simple as reading a Facebook status that simply says “smile, be happy!” Your attitude is a product of your past experiences and circumstances. While engaging in some introspection, figure out the roots of any negative self-talk. What events led to this negativity? What can you do to unravel it from your life? Look for online support groups, sympathetic friends, or even helpful YouTube videos with a positive, constructive comment section.

6. Set some sound sleep habits.

All of our above points will be a million times easier to stick to if you’ve been sleeping well, even if it’s only been a few nights of 8-hour zzzzs. Getting a good night’s sleep has been consistently linked to better mood and increased focus, both of which work together to empower a more sociable and athletic life. Surely athleticism and sociability are at the core of some of our New Year’s Resolutions. Who knows what you can accomplish this year with a better mood or brand new social connections to open up doors you never knew existed? While the journey to better sleep varies with each individual, one guaranteed catalyst is undoubtedly a better mattress and bedding. Remember, adding some new elements to your life, such as a comfy mattress you sleep on every night, can add to that fresh start energy. A hearty discount makes it even better: Lull is having a New Year’s Resolution Sale so you can leave your old mattress behind this new year by saving $250 on any premium memory foam mattress! To help you stay safe, we’re offering no-contact, free delivery. To give you a little boost to your start of 2021, we’re also offering a 100 night risk-free trial so you’ll have plenty of time to fall in love with Lull and get the best sleep of your life throughout the rest of this year.
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